Beautiful Fire Fighter Engagement Session

This week we are showcasing this amazing firefighter engagement session. These beautiful photos were taken by Julie Rando from Julie Anna’s Joy Photography. Here is what Julie had to say about the Maryland couple, Addy and Jonathan:

“Jonathan is a pre-med student, Firefighter/EMT, and Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Addy is an education major, a receptionist at a martial arts studio, and a nanny. The couple met at the martial arts studio where Addy works at. They both have a huge heart for service, family, faith, and community.

This was my first session in a fire station and it was incredibly memorable. Luckily Jonathan did not have to answer any calls! I loved being able to capture these two in their element. They were so happy, comfortable, and incredibly in love. I was on a firemen’s ladder a few times, which was exciting for me as a photographer! I caught them having no clue that I was hiding behind a firetruck and shooting through a ladder which made for some wonderful pictures.

Just like Addy’s popping red shoes, their love is bright and on fire for one another. Addy and Jonathan are, truly, what I consider to be a young “power couple” in our community.”

The couple is sitting on the fire truck's bumper. The woman is dressed in eye-catching red high heels, jeans, and a denim jacket, while the man is dressed in his firefighting clothing.
the young lady on her knees in front of the man holding onto his straps.
The soon-to-be-bride, dressed in a white knee-length dress and scarlet shoes, she smiles at him fondly.
the woman is sitting while the man is standing against the front bumper of the firetruck while hugging and facing each other.
the young lady giggling as the man is whispering something into her ears.
the couple facing the camera with the lady wrapping her arms around her man's neck.
the young woman is grinning while her man moves closer to her, and the engagement ring is also drawing attention with its dazzling appearance.
the lovely lady is dressed in her groom's firefighter outfit as they gaze longingly into one other's eyes.
the young woman clasped her arms around his man's arm, both of them smiling pleasantly. The man leans in slightly nearer her.
the soon-to-be bride is dressed in a white long-sleeved flowing dress, with her arms wrapped around his neck, while the young man is dressed in a gray long-sleeved shirt and black pants.
The lady and the man sitting in the front bumper of the fire truck are beaming as the man hugs her from behind.
The young lady laughs as she kneels in front of her young boyfriend, who is seated in front of her.
The lady leans in towards the man's chest, somewhat clutching her on the waist. The firefighters' outfit is visible in the background.
The couple standing in front of a white Ford vehicle demonstrated sweet gestures. The groom was dressed in his firefighter uniform, and the bride wore a blue denim jacket and red heels.
with a Ford vehicle service in the rear, the pair exchanged a romantic and passionate kiss.
the couple behind the fire truck longingly looking at each other with the American Flag beside them..
this unique save the date  sign in black and white photo.
the picture highlighting the bride's lovely cushion engagement ring.

Thank you so much, Julie, for these fantastic photos! We absolutely loved seeing the genuine joy and love between Addy and Jonathan. This is such a cute idea for engagement photos for those that work in emergency services! To see more of Julie’s work, you can visit her website at If you enjoyed this post, you will surely love this firefighter-themed wedding!

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