First Look Wedding Photo Inspiration

We’ve already given you a breakdown of exactly what a first look is as well as four reasons why you should have one. Whether or not you have decided to have this session on your special day or haven’t even met the person you’re going to marry, there is always room for a little visual inspiration. In order to provide you with this, we had our photographers send over some of their best first-look wedding photos.

Warning: be prepared to smile and sigh (and perhaps shed a tear or two) looking over these delightfully adorable shots!

The initial encounter between the bride and groom while dressed in their wedding attire, taking place in a park.
The bride taps the groom as she shows off her bridal gown for the wedding ceremony.
The groom is amazed as he sets his eyes on his beautiful bride dressed in a white tea-length white wedding dress.
A charming and unforgettable photo sequence for the groom and bride's first meeting before the wedding ceremony.
The bride looks affectionately at her groom.

“Of all the pictures from this wedding, with all their incredible splashes of color, lovely purple bridesmaids dresses, and an absolutely exquisite wedding dress (and shoes!), I have to pick this first picture as my favorite. Why? Because this is the look of love.

During the first look, when Mike and Erin got to see each other for the first time, havoc was happening. Hurricane Sandy was on her way, their outdoor ceremony that they had dreamed of in front of the lake at The Mill was being brought inside, and the possibility of a mandatory evacuation of Spring Lake was looming overhead. But when they saw each other in the midst of that, nothing. else. mattered. It was the sweetest, most emotional, and heartfelt first look I have ever experienced, and the rest of the wedding was exactly the same way.”

Vanessa Joy Photography

A bride reacting cutely while sneaking in to surprise the husband on their first encounter.
On the opposite side of the door, the groom and bride hold hands as they prepare for their first meeting before the wedding.
a photo sequence showing the bride entering the chamber to meet her fiancé for their first glance before the wedding.
As the bride approached her groom, she hugged him in the back, indicating her presence at the event.
As the groom turns to face her, he wraps his arms around her and plants a kiss on her cheek.
The groom, wearing eyeglasses, patiently waits for his bride, anticipating their first look. The bride is seen approaching him from behind.
The couple shared their first glance with their guests, who watched their reaction.
The couple is overwhelmed with emotion when they see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom share a tender moment when they see each other for the first time. The groom is in tears as he places his hands on her bride's chest and arms, as if praying over her and asking for their wedding's blessing.
During their first look, the couple has an intimate moment, clutching one other in an outdoor photograph.
A handsome young groom eagerly awaits her stunning wife, who can already be seen approaching him from behind.
The groom's reaction as he waits to see his bride for the first time before they marry.
This is the bride's reaction as she walks into the location where she and her groom will have their first glance.
As he turns around to view her in their wedding clothes for the first time, the bride surprises her husband.
When the pair sees each other for the first time before the wedding, they share a romantic and passionate kiss.
The wedding couple's first glance in the morning. The bride is excitedly clasping her hands together as she waits for her groom to approach her and meet her. The groom in his gorgeous suit approaches her with her bridal bouquet from the back.
As her fiance enters the room for their first glimpse, the bride turns to face him.
Before their first meeting, the bride and groom communicate through the wall at the door.
During their first meeting before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom stood in the doorway.
The groom taps the bride on the shoulder to indicate his presence in the room where they will have their first glimpse.
The husband tightly embraces her lovely wife, overwhelmed with excitement at seeing her in her exquisite wedding gown.
During their first meeting before the wedding, the groom held her bride's shoulders while carrying her bridal bouquet.

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