Touchdown Worthy Football Themed Wedding Ideas

We just LOVE football season…the cooler weather, cheering on your team and watching the game with your friends and family!  Here at SnapKnot we have a Patriots fan, Steelers fan, Giants fan and a Lions fan and we love some rivalries. =)

There are some die hard football fans out there… some who want to even have a football themed wedding! Those who want to support their favorite NFL or college team in every way possible… and we love it!

In support to our love of the game, we have pulled together a few awesome football themed wedding photos as well as some great engagement photos, reception football decoration ideas, and more!

Here are some awesome football themed wedding ideas we have found from local photographers from all over!

Photos of the Bride, Groom and The Bridal Party

Some football fans have their wedding at the stadium, or some just want to get pics there! Here are some great – and super fun – football themed wedding party photos.

football wedding theme, Photographic Dreams
Photo Credit: Photographic Dreams
football themed wedding, Carpenter Photography
Photo Credit: Carpenter Photography
football wedding ideas, Quatre Coeur
Photo Credit: Quatre Coeur
football wedding ideas, Kellogg Photography
Photo Credit: Kellogg Photography

Ceremony and Reception Ideas

What is a football themed wedding without jerseys and helmets, team colors, tossing around some footballs and yummy drinks named after favorite players??? Here are some great ideas that were all captured during their wedding photography… so if you want your wedding to be all about your team, check these out!

football wedding ideas, Look Wedding Photography
Photo Credit: Look Wedding Photography
football wedding ideas, Maria Velarde
Photo Credit: Maria Velarde
football wedding ideas, look wedding photography
Photo Credit: Look Wedding Photography
football wedding ideas, darling photographers
Photo Credit: Darling Photographers
Photo Credit: on the left: Lucky Photography; on the right: J. Cogliandro Photography
Photo Credit: on the left: Lucky Photography; on the right: J. Cogliandro Photography
football wedding ideas, Entwined Studio
Photo Credit: Entwined Studio
football wedding ideas, Gino Creglla Photography
Photo Credit: Gino Creglia Photography

Football Themed Engagement Photo Ideas

Looking for a cute idea for engagement photos but want to keep your wedding theme a little less about football? How about make your engagement photos football themed instead? You could even make a football themed save the date card! We love these photos below and hope they are great inspiration for you!

Art+Life Photography
Photo Credit: Art+Life Photography
Diana Elizabeth Photography
Photo Credit: Diana Elizabeth Photography

Boudoir Photos That Any Football Loving Groom Will Go Crazy Over!

Boudoir photos are a great way to showcase your beauty and can be a great wedding gift for your groom. What if you dress for your boudoir photos in a cute football jersey of your groom’s favorite team? Here is some other great boudoir photo inspiration and here are 5 tips to help prepare for your boudoir session.

Flirt Boudoir Photography
Photo Credit: Flirt Boudoir Photography
Le Boudoir Studio by Jodi Lynn
Photo Credit: Le Boudoir Studio by Jodi Lynn

There are so many great ideas you can use as a wedding theme… and if you are a football fan, this may be the perfect theme for you! A couple other fun themes you should check out are: police and fire department themed photos and these wedding and engagement photos with cars. And be sure to sign up for a free account here if you need to find a wedding photographer for your own wedding!

We hope you enjoy the football season!

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