From Fashion to Weddings: Chris Evans Photography

Please give a SnapKnot welcome to our newest photographer all the way from Maui, Hawaii! Even though Chris Evans Photography began shooting fashion and editorial work, his passion is in shooting weddings.  Learn more about this fashion wedding photographer!

My name is Chris J Evans. I have been shooting pictures since 1994 when I got my first camera a Canon AE-1. I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA and moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where I  shot fashion, editorial, portrait and products. I eventually met the girl of my dreams and we moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2010 with our 2 and half year old daughter. I was asked by a friend to shoot her wedding and I totally fell in love with the process. Not only do I enjoy shooting weddings but the entire experience of working with two people who for that day the only thing that matters is how much they love each other! I guess I’m a just a hopeless romantic myself. So since 2010 I have been shooting weddings and engagement shoots almost exclusively,  commercial and fashion jobs still  pop up, but it’s mostly weddings.

My style is a blend of photo-journalism, fashion and lifestyle. I really try to capture my clients personality. I love finding out about  everyone’s hobbies and special quirky tricks and bringing some of those elements to my work.

My influences come from style. All styles, really. I love art, music, culture, fashion and genuine, awesome people.

My favorite wedding story is of my dear friend Jazmin who for her wedding rented this amazing house on the beach in Kauai. All her family and closest friends all stayed in this great house which was also the site for the reception. They were married on the beach barefoot it was so amazing! The party that followed was one for the books!

I love Nikon and once I got my first professional DSLR from them, I never looked back. I love studio lights and natural light, what ever is needed for the best shot. Oh I love my iphone camera too!

I recommend that a couple finds a photographer who would fit right into their inner-friend circle. It is so important that you feel totally comfortable and can be as silly or serious as you want to be and wont feel judged in any way.  I come out of every job with new amazing friends that I stay in touch with.

For me, I’m a total goof ball! I love surfing, music, juggling, magic, drawing and just laughing at myself whenever possible! I take pride in staying super calm and mellow when things may go not as expected and finding great creative solutions.

I just want my clients to have amazing unique memories  of their special day that they will enjoying looking at for years to come. Also photos that when their friends come over, actually want to look at!  So have fun planning, and looking at so many amazing photographers work, they’re are so many talented shooters out there, so try to find a new friend first and a photographer second and It’ll be spectacular!

Check out more fashion wedding photos from Chris Evans Photography on his website!

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