Fun Engagement Photo Ideas

Your engagement is such a fun time… the excitement of spending the rest of your life with the one you love, all the wedding planning, and picking out your dress, so why not showcase that fun in your engagement photos? There are so many fun engagement photo ideas that you and your soon-to-be can do. You can choose to be goofy and showcase your crazy side, like many of the photos here, or you can make your photos be in a location that you both love or do something you love.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the setting, location, and theme so you can come up with fun engagement photo ideas for you and your love.

1. Think About Both of Your Interests.

You want your photos to showcase what you and your soon-to-be husband or wife are both interested in. What do you both love? Do you love the outdoors or a specific sports team? Did you meet at a theme park, on a college campus, or at a beautiful wine tasting while on vacation with both of your families? Plan ahead with the theme or location of the photos you would like to have so when you discuss these ideas with your photographer, you can give them some ideas… they can then bring in their photographer’s eye to help narrow down the most photogenic places or locations to shoot your photos!

Daniel with Daniel C. Photography in Austin, Texas, had some fun engagement photo ideas during this session.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Do you want to do something that seems totally out of the box? No problem! If your photographer thinks that the idea will work, try it! Do you both love to run the Color Me Rad and think incorporating throwing paint on each other in your photos would be fun? Why not? You may be so surprised at how fun those photos turn out!

These fun engagement photos from Sounds Like Yellow Photography in Toronto are such an adorable idea.

3. Be Sure to Plan for the Unexpected

Much like your wedding, especially if you are planning an outdoor one, it is always good to plan ahead for anything unexpected that could happen. Do you want to have an outdoor session but it is gray and pouring rain? Is it so humid outside that your hair is not doing exactly what it should be doing? Do not worry, work with your photographer and together you will take amazing photos. Or, what if you are taking photos in a boat and that boat decided to break down or sink? Definitely, something that would change up your plan but you never know how the photos may come out!

Finessence Photography took these fun engagement photos of Tran and Preng. The fun colors of the balloons and the colorful backgrounds bring such fun and brightness to the photos making them all but ordinary.

4. Do Not Let A Big Idea Discourage You

Is there a location that seems difficult to get into that you really want to take your fun engagement photo at? Are you just not sure if it will be worth it in the end? Don’t get discouraged about your ideas. Make sure you talk to your photographer and he or she can help you to prepare the concept that you have in your mind, and it will most likely be worth it in the end!

There is nothing more fun than baseball and 1486 Photography in Canada captured these baseball-themed photos.

What an adorable engagement photo was taken by Cascio Photography. Using chalk to make the hearts in the background is such a great and fun engagement photo idea!

You know that scene in Spiderman where he is hanging upside down and she pulls his mask half off and kisses him? How romantic is that? Why not recreate it for your engagement photos like Maurice Ramirez does in the photo below?

There is nothing more fun than dancing in the rain, so why not take some fun engagement photos in the rain with the one you love instead? This photo from Alison Conklin Photography is so sweet with the couple hugging underneath the umbrella. What a great memory that will be for them to look back on years from now!

These are all such fun engagement photo ideas that we hope get you thinking creatively to come up with the best engagement photo ideas for you and your fiance! For other inspiration, be sure to check out our Real Engagements on the blog which will showcase many different locations, themes, and poses that will help you figure out what is best for you both.

Do you have any really fun engagement photo ideas that you have photographed or taken? We would love to hear all of your out-of-the-box ideas!

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