Fun Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

The holidays are approaching quickly, and you may still be struggling with what to get your significant other. You may have already gotten them the camera they are hoping to get or the new video game that he has been eyeing every time you are shopping together. We found this fun list of fun holiday gift ideas for your spouse on Huffington Post that, we thought, were fun ideas for those extra stocking stuffers and little gifts you want to find!

Check out these great ideas and we hope it helps you get some inspiration to check a few more things off your Christmas shopping list!

Mine and Yours Pillow Cases

Everyone knows that the woman steals all the beds, so why not get pillowcases that show it?

A Fun Photo Album

Everyone loves a great place to put photos… so why not make it fun?

Elf Pint Glasses

Everyone gets a laugh out of Will Ferrel as he explores NYC while trying to find his dad in Elf. Why not get some fun beer glasses with fun moments from the Elf on them? Can’t go wrong there!

A Fill in the Blank Book

A fun book where you can fill in why they are so awesome… fun idea!

Coffee Mug

You know your spouse can not live without his (or her!) coffee each morning… and day, or even night! How about finding them a fun coffee mug to make them smile each and every time they take a sip?

Funny Fork and Spoon Set

This is not the typical gift you would buy your spouse, but you can not deny that what it says on there is pretty clever and sure to bring them happiness on Christmas morning!

A Throw Pillow

Not only a throw pillow, but one that tells them they are right!!! What is not love?

Cute Decor for the House

What better way to tell them you love them?

Tote Bag

You can never have enough tote bags to carry your belongings in. Whether you need to carry your books, work stuff, groceries, or really anything you desire, be sure to do it in style with this fun bag.

A Great Decision Maker

What a fun stocking stuffer! If you do a quick roll of the dice, it can help your spouse decide what he may be on the fence about.

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