Fun Wedding Photorapher with Fine Art Portrait Style: Denise Linley

We are delighted to welcome Denise Linley to our list of San Francisco wedding photographers. Denise specializes in lifestyle and fine art wedding portraits and thinks that she has the coolest job in the world.

“I’m making sure I capture the best of the realest you that you are. And then I create a fairy tale here and there.”

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deniseHead_shot (1 of 1)Denise is an army brat, a military wife, a former sailor, and the mother of the “bluest-eyed heartbreaker west of the Mississippi” (he’s only 3, ladies, sorry!). She has never lived anywhere longer than a few years and has had the privilege of seeing countries and cultures all over the world.

As far as her profession goes, Denise specializes in boudoir photography and has been told often that is something she was born to do. Why? Because she is so good at making women feel completely at ease.

“All the girls come to me extremely nervous and uncomfortable but by the time we are shooting they are already feeling like this is going to be easy, and by the time they leave they’ve had an amazing time! The forget they’ve been getting undressed, they forget about trying to look sexy and they trust me to create that romantic, sexy mood for them in the imagery as I pose and light them appropriately.”

In sort of the same way, Denise even makes the men feel comfortable for their engagement and wedding pictures. The majority of guys who end up in front of her camera are not excited to be there, she explains. They are expecting the images she takes to be corny and for her to bore them to death for two hours while she gets “cheesy shots of them holding hands with forced grins in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.”

Well, we are here to vouch that that is not so!

“I’m cracking jokes and making them laugh the whole time. I’m getting genuine smiles, laughter, emotions, reactions, and intimacy. Not only are they not bored (I was a sailor after all, I can hang with the guys and hold my own), they’re stoked because half the time I’m having them make out with their wife or fiancée. It’s win/win.”

Fun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseFun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by Denise Fun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by Denise Denise has been shooting professionally for 2 and a half years. Before that claims that she was “slave labor” for other photographers.

Her biggest influence? Her husband.

“He is the most artistic person that I have ever known. His greatest joy is creating art for other people, to bring beauty to their world, and refuses any type of payment beyond a gracious ‘thank you’. He is the fire under my butt, the honest opinion without hurting my feelings, my motivator, my biggest fan and a better PR agent than Samantha Jones.”

Fun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseFun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseFun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseDenise has a great wedding story, and no, it’s not from a wedding she was documenting, but her very own! First, she fell on her way to the alter. Her friend’s dad stepped on her veil after she passed, claiming he needed to take a picture of her from behind.

“At the same time he actually stepped IN FRONT of the photographer I paid thousands of dollars for, and to this day, I have never seen this supposedly amazing picture he just had to capture, while ruining the special moment that my husband and I were having as we beamed at each other (until my head snapped upwards since it was so securely attached to the veil).”

Then, again, as the new couple made their way back down over a foot bridge, Denise fell right onto her bouquet! No one helped her up, but rather, laughed and pelted her with rice. She claims that “it’s cool, though. I was laughing too,” as tripping is something that she does often. Thankfully, she has never tripped down the aisle on anyone else’s wedding day, and doesn’t wear heels on anyone else’s wedding day, which she’s sure helps!

deniseSusie-4018Captured_moments_by_denise_engagements (1 of 1)-2Denise has a couple of recommendations for couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer, starting with making sure you like your photographer as a person.

“Everyone spends a lot of time comparing imagery and cost, but you can hire the best wedding photographer in the world and he’ll absolutely ruin your big day if he’s a jerk you don’t get along with. We’re not in the background taking shots while you don’t notice. We do that some of the time, but for a large portion of your big day, we’re all up in your business.

Getting your hair done, getting dressed, making all of your bridesmaids button up your dress only if it takes one person, because it makes an amazing picture! Walking down the aisle (I’m right there!), kissing at the alter (still there!), hugging every relative you never knew you had (we’re getting a picture of each hug), making you make out and look like super models for your creative shots (about 90 minutes to two hours) and then getting all your guests to shake it like a Polaroid picture on the dance floor (yeah that’s right, the DJ and I conspire to get everybody on that dance floor for yet another awesome photo op).”

Fun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseFun wedding photographer, Captured Moments by DeniseA few fun facts about our fun wedding photographer? She loves chocolate and is nearly vegan (she can’t give up honey, so she’ll never be a true vegan). She is also a strong Christian, and always puts God and her family before work.

If you mention this SnapKnot feature by the end of June, Denise will take $300 off any wedding package!

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