Fun Wedding Photography from an Inspirational Pair: Phillip & Eileen Blume

If you’re looking for fun wedding photography, search no further than Phillip and Eileen Blume, an easy-going and fun-loving pair as you’ll likely meet. Self-proclaimed slightly nerdy at times (they are hosting their fourth annual “Lord of the Rings” movie marathon this year, if that tells you anything), their favorite moments are spent outdoors, hiking or at the park with their daughters, Jasmine and Juliette. (We are not surprised to learn that they are already pros with their Fisher Price cameras.)

The Blumes specialize in creating unforgettable wedding imagery that speaks volumes, and could recently be heard at WPPI in Las Vegas speaking about their humanitarian projects. This dynamic duo’s work spans the globe from the American South to Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and has been published at home and abroad. They have a ball living in Athens, Georgia, while watching their two young daughters grow up.

Fun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyPhillip and Eileen love to travel, which luckily, their job makes possible, and have at least a couple dozen countries under their belts. Throughout all of their globe-trotting, the couple have developed a taste for great food and international flavors. Among the best things they have ever eaten at a wedding (or rather, scarfed down between shots) include a steak and lobster feast at a resort wedding near Savannah, Georgia and the delicious wedding cake created by a Food Network-featured baker, and a down home wedding that took place on a farm offering sweet tea, homemade bbq, and all of the sultry Southern sides they adore.

When asked where their dream location to shoot a wedding would be, Phillip and Eileen admit that they have already checked off their goal: the Philippines! Their next adventure? London, England. They are scheduled to shoot a wedding there this summer, and based on past visits, are looking forward to capturing romance throughout the historic backdrops of the city.

Fun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyFun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyFun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyAs a studio, Blume Photography is really a natural extension of Phillip and Eileen. People in their area know them as a premier studio by reputation, not because they have the fanciest storefront (they work from home) or because they are the oldest kids on the blog (they officially opened just five years ago). Instead, they come from the perspective that creating quality artwork ought to be a fresh, fun, and new experience every time.

“We shoot for adventurous and exciting, as well as romantic and nostalgic; we invest time and money in the best art materials, in planning, and in equipment without cutting corners; and most importantly we treat our clients as friends, giving them the easiest, most exceptional experience possible, from first meeting to the final delivery of their original artwork. It takes a lot of effort to be a perfectionist in this business. But we enjoy every minute of it! The journey is its own reward.”

Fun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyFun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyFun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyHow did this pair end up masters of fun wedding photography? To start, Phillip got his first degree in magazine photojournalism at the University of Georgia. He speaks of photographing friends’ weddings to help pay his way through school:

“I loved every aspect of it: the excitement of the day, the huge potential for visual story-telling, and the couple’s heartfelt enthusiasm when I delivered the finished artwork. I loved creating art that not only meant something to my friends, but also had the potential to become a cherished link of family history for future generations.”

Although becoming a wedding photographer seemed like a natural fit, Phillip didn’t see it at first. After he graduated, he and Eileen got married, and he took a job as a high school teacher. About a year later, a friend asked if he still shot weddings. Eileen helped him make a web page for his portfolio (designing something far better than he initially had in mind), and the next thing they knew, brides began calling to ask if they were available to shoot their weddings. The rest, he says, is history!

Fun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyFun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyA last bit of advice from the Blumes to photographers just getting started: Put your family first, and give back to your community.

“I know that doesn’t sound like photographic advice, but it is. There is no shame in working hard. In fact, if you want to be a successful studio, you’ll end up investing a lot more time and energy than you ever anticipated. But if you believe in art as a reflection of what’s good in life, you have to be very careful not to prioritize your art above real life. Be there for your spouse. Watch your kids grow up. Use your artistic gifts to make a difference.”

It’s certainly clear from this couple’s long list of pro-bono projects (such as shooting a feature documentary film in Guatemala’s slums, and photographing needy families or those who have poured their lives into adoption), that they take their own advice to heart.

Fun Wedding Photography by Blume PhotographyTo see more fun wedding photography from this easy-going, happy pair, visit Phillip and Eileen at Blume Photography.

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