Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

There is always so much pressure put on a bride and groom to make the wedding fun and memorable for everyone, especially the reception. Wedding receptions are the ultimate way to let creativity shine through, and there are so many fun wedding reception ideas out there today to choose or to get ideas from.

With wedding receptions becoming more and more specific to a theme and the couple, there are so many amazing ideas to look at to ensure that the bride and groom and their guests will have a blast and make it a night to remember! Couples are starting to shy away from the traditional wedding reception setting, and are now using receptions to show off their creative side and their personalities. With only a few hours to celebrate the wedding and a new marriage, why not make it the most fun it can be?

With ideas ranging from decorations to guest table settings, your wedding photographer can capture every last detail and make sure that all of the fun and creative ideas you incorporated into your wedding reception will be remembered forever! Don’t forget: let your personality show and don’t be afraid to get creative and let your imagination run wild!

Here are just some of the fun wedding reception ideas we found that we know you will love!

Decorate the venue with confetti-dipped balloons.

fun wedding reception ideas
Credit: Blog: Studio DIY

Use “Guess Who?” to show off all of your guests and be a part of the table arrangement.

fun wedding reception ideas
Credit: Blog: Scarlett Curtis

Use Legos as a table centerpiece for your guests to “build your love” while they are at the table.

fun wedding reception ideas, Gemma Clarke Photography
Credit: Gemma Clarke Photography

Allow all of your guests, not just the kids, to color on the tables and get creative.

fun wedding reception ideas, Justin and Keary Weddings
Credit: Justin and Keary Weddings

Use fun childhood games as table numbers, and be sure to place a different game at each table.

fun wedding reception ideas, Sea Studio
Credit: Sea Studio

Place an “I Spy” game at each seat, so guests can play throughout the reception and upload pictures.

fun wedding reception ideas
Credit: Etsy: Splash of Silver

Have fortune tellers relating to the bride and groom at the table.

fun wedding reception ideas
Credit: Etsy: Darling Girl Paper

Have an “anniversary pinata” as your guest book.

fun wedding reception ideas, Jenny DeMarco Photography
Credit: Jenny DeMarco Photography

Have guests take Polaroids of themselves and attach it to the guest book.

fun wedding reception ideas, Kristen Weaver Photography
Credit: Kristen Weaver Photography

Have a S’more bar for guests of all ages to enjoy.

fun wedding reception ideas, Aves Photographic Design
Credit: Aves Photographic Design

Wedding Photographers

Have a candy bar, where guests can choose from a variety of candy types.

fun wedding reception ideas
Credit: Company: Lasting Impressions by Amy

Everyone can take a swing at a piñata to try and break it open and get the goodies inside.

fun wedding reception ideas, He and She Photography
Credit: He and She Photography

A bounce house can be fun for everyone once the night winds down.

fun wedding reception ideas, Jennifer Emerling
Credit: Jennifer Emerling

As wedding favors, pass out gumball machines for all of your guests to take home.

fun wedding reception ideas, Lauren Rosenau Photography
Credit: Lauren Rosenau Photography

When leaving the reception, have guests throw pom-poms towards the bride and groom.

fun wedding reception ideas, Megan and Seth Photography
Credit: Megan and Seth Photography

For a beautiful photo, have guests use neon glow sticks when the bride and groom are exiting.

fun wedding reception ideas, Lauren Wright Photo
Credit: Lauren Wright Photo

If you are looking for creative and fun wedding reception ideas, these are some great ideas to help get you started and inspire you when planning your own wedding reception!

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