10+ Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for some funny maternity photoshoot ideas? We’ve got you!

We strongly believe that pregnancy is a life-changing event, whether it’s your first child or your fifth! And such an incredibly exciting milestone deserves to be captured and celebrated even before your precious bundle even arrives. Our tip—show off your growing belly in a maternity photoshoot. 

And if you are a cheerful and outgoing mom-to-be or dad-to-be, we’ve got the perfect maternity photoshoot ideas that will not only document your pregnancy but capture your humorous personality. 

Get silly. Experience a fun-filled photo session. Get dazzling and lighthearted portraits with these funny maternity photoshoot ideas that will let you cherish this journey and look back on your pregnancy with so much fondness. 

Tips on Posing for a Funny Maternity Photoshoot

There are plenty of ways to shoot funny maternity photos for the mom-to-be or the couple with a great sense of humor. We have a few ideas to create hilarious pictures that will make everyone laugh. 

  • Pull funny faces. No crazy poses are required. Just embrace your true goofy self in front of the camera and let it show in your face. 
  • Get some props. Adding props to your maternity photoshoot will add extra interest to the final photos. It could be something colorful to bring depth to an image or something hilarious to get some extra laughs. 
  • Dress up. Choosing the right photoshoot outfits will do it. Put on some funny masks or wear a hilarious pregnancy shirt.

10+ Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

When in doubt, you can laugh it out! Below are some funny maternity photoshoot ideas to document your pregnancy journey while making everyone laugh! 

The collection below includes inspiration for solo funny pregnancy photos, baby bump maternity photos, or with your husband with a sense of humor and fun-loving kids. 

Double Belly Shot

If you and your husband share the same playful rumor, how about having them in your maternity photoshoot? 

Try showing off both of your growing bellies. You can sit in the foreground hugging your belly and have your partner stand behind you while hugging his’. Or, you can stand side by side or in front of each other for a cute and funny double-belly shot. 

Your husband sporting a fake belly is simply good for a laugh. 

How Big Is Your Belly?

Okay, this silly pregnancy photo pokes fun at mummy’s growing bump. This funny maternity photoshoot idea requires some props—the bigger, the rounder, the better. Of course, you’re also going to need a husband with a great sense of humor in the photo. 

Get a watermelon the same size as your baby bump to act as your partner’s pregnant tummy. Then stand side by side with each other and decide which one’s got the biggest bump—your pregnant belly or his very ‘melony’ bump. 

Or, if you have a baller partner, a basketball or a soccer ball in front of his stomach would do too. 

A pumpkin would also do for a fall-themed funny pregnancy photo. 

Pregnancy Metaphor

You’re pregnant AF, but how pregnant, really? Get your husband up to the task of finding out how pregnant you are. And in this funny maternity photoshoot idea, by measuring how big your baby bump is using a measuring tape. 

Stand in front of your hubby while he crouches down in front of you, trying to get your bump’s measurement. Smile for the camera, or better yet, make a facial expression to emphasize the feeling of having to carry such a big baby bump every day. 

How Are Babies Made?

You’re pregnant. And you deserve some hilarious pregnancy humor!

If you’re brainstorming for the perfect photoshoot outfit for your maternity photos, we have a perfect idea—get a funny t-shirt that says it all! 

You won’t have to do some crazy poses for this funny maternity photoshoot idea. Just get yourself outfitted with a hilarious pregnancy tee designed for the special mom-to-be, like this “it started with a kiss” t-shirt. 

It’s the Wrong Head!

Carrying such a huge bump can be challenging for expectant moms as the birth of their baby comes. So, how about letting your partner be the pregnant one just for once? Or, at least, for this funny maternity photoshoot idea?

Find the nearest tree or pole in your backyard and stand behind it, with only your belly showing off in the photo. Meanwhile, your husband leans his head forward to create the illusion that it’s his baby bump, not yours. 

Baby Bump Peekaboo

This funny pregnancy photoshoot idea is as simple as it gets. Mom-to-be will simply lie pretty on her back, with her pregnant belly taking the spotlight, and of course, the dad-to-be playing peekaboo behind the baby bump. 

The secret is for dad to make as funny faces as possible!

Whose Belly Is the Biggest?

Do you have a family who shares similar fun and lighthearted humor? If so, invite everyone to a “whose belly is the biggest” competition for this funny maternity photoshoot idea. 

The Perfect Fit

Are you and your partner the perfect fit? Surely your bellies will be like two pieces of a puzzle. 

Recreate this with your partner for a charming but hilarious pregnancy photo. 

Weird Pregnancy Cravings

Plenty of things about being pregnant are pretty wild, like your hankering for pickles and other crazy food cravings. In this case, a food-themed pregnancy photo session is one of those funny maternity photoshoot ideas that are absolutely on the theme. And pregnancy cravings are nothing to be ashamed of!

Embrace your cravings and get every junk and odd foods you’ve been craving all through your pregnancy and pose while you have fun eating them. 

Baby, Still Loading

It takes a lot to load a baby! 

Get the shirt for it. Or, take a washable marker and doodle on your beautiful belly bump how much your little nugget is “loaded” so far. 

It’s About to Pop! 

Are you getting close to your due date? It’s the perfect time to shoot your maternity photos with a funny twist. 

Draw a bomb on your belly, then ask your partner to hold a lighter near your belly and take a shot as if he’s about to detonate your baby bump. 

What’s Cooking in That Belly?

Invite your partner for this funny maternity photoshoot idea. And if you have older kids, they can also be in this fun photo session. 

Sit everyone in the foreground or stand everyone side by side and pretend to intimidate each other with what’s cooking in your tummies. Touch each of your bellies and give the camera a “look what I’ve got” facial expression. 

Anyone in the family who has a sense of humor and is slightly competitive will love this idea. 

Finger-Painted Belly 

Grab some paint and get your creativity rolling. Paints are a great way to make photos colorful, and playing with paint always makes photo sessions much more fun. 

The funny visuals for this depend on your creativity and sense of humor! 

How’s the Pregnancy Going?

Get real with the challenge of being pregnant. Pregnancy is hard, especially for the mom-to-be.

This hilarious maternity photoshoot idea highlights how challenging it can be to grow a literal human being, although in the most charming and humorous way. 

For the soon-to-be mom with a goofy attitude who is so done with being pregnant, you’ll have fun recreating your version of this funny pregnancy photo idea. 

And that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, our funny maternity photoshoot ideas above have given you plenty of inspiration on how to add some lighthearted fun to your next pregnancy photoshoot. 

If you need more maternity photo ideas to mark this important milestone, check out pregnancy family photoshoot ideas to create dreamy portraits with your loved ones. 

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