Funny Wedding Photos

We found these funny wedding photos that really made us laugh on Bridal Guide. Some of these are even a little over the top so we just had to share them with you!

This movie-style photo has the bride and groom casting a spell on their bridal party… much like Harry Potter does!

This amusing photo session of the bride and groom, as if casting a spell on their wedding party.

This bride used her inner Darth Vader to do a “Force Choke” on her groom and groomsmen.

The bride channeled her inner Darth Vader and performed a "Force Choke" on her groom and groomsmen.

Who wouldn’t love to capture an adorable photo like this… these young girls’ faces are priceless as they watch the bride and groom kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony.

funny reaction of these girls captured by the photographer as the newly wed couple kissed.

The bridal party doing way too many inappropriate things so they have to shield the eyes of the sweet, innocent flower girl!

Because of her bridesmaids' insane gestures, the bride closes the flower girl's eyes.

Batter up! This bride and groom just love baseball and had to incorporate it into their photos!

The bride, dressed in a white long wedding gown, prepares to hit the ball in a baseball game with her groom, while their wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen cheer them on.

And the golf fans… that grom better hope his bride has a good swing!

While her husband is on the ground, the bride is acting panicked while playing golf.

This groom and his groomsmen wanted to reverse the gender roles with a photo that most bridesmaids like to take as they admire the beautiful engagement and wedding ring!

This groom and his groomsmen wanted to reverse the gender roles with a photo that most bridesmaids enjoy taking while admiring the stunning engagement and wedding rings!

And again… the guys are goofy and taking photos with all the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

The groom and groomsmen acting goofy for a shot while holding the bridesmaid's flower bouquet.

And the bride did a great job of drinking the groom and groomsmen under the table!

the boys we all knocked out by the bride during a drinking session.

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