Studio AvantGarda – by Roohshad Garda: Fun, Fresh, and Glamourous Wedding Photos

We are delighted to introduce to you Roohshad from Studio AvantGarda, one of the most recent additions to our list of Bangalore, India wedding photographers. With his partner, Ula, Rooh shoots fun, fierce images with a photojournalistic style. Capturing people’s emotions and telling stories are his favorite part of the job, and this comes across in his glamour wedding photos.

“People, are my forte. I love getting to know them, seeing different lives, and understand the different ways people think.”

Indian, bride

Indian, Bride

Indian, bride, bridesmaids

bride, groom, kissing

bride, groom, dancing

Indian, brides, bridesmaids

Indian, couple, kissing

To see more fun, fresh, glamour wedding photos from Studio AvantGarda, visit Rooh at his website.

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