10 Gold Wedding Inspiration

There are so many wonderful colors you can choose for your wedding day and no matter what you choose, they will be beautiful! Whether you are going to use bright, bold colors, or would prefer to have a simple black-and-white wedding, the possibilities for colors – and color pairings – are endless! Today, we wanted to share some gold wedding inspiration that we have found and we hope it will help you if you are planning your own gold-colored wedding!

These gold sparkly bridesmaid dresses are simply stunning!

the bridesmaids are adorned in glistening, sparkly, and lengthy dresses

Or, here is a shorter version of a gold bridesmaid dress that we just love!

the bride is dressed in a lengthy white wedding gown, while the bridesmaids are wearing shimmery knee-length dresses and holding bouquets along with shawls.

These gold chairs go beautifully with the gorgeous gold chandelier to give such a romantic feel to the room!

the atmosphere of the wedding reception was made beautiful by the use of gold accents and chandeliers arranged in an elegant manner.

We just love the sparkly gold tablecloths!

the table is adorned with shimmering cloths in a golden hue, along with a centerpiece consisting of flowers in a vase and three candles.

You could add a little gold glitter to the inside of your glass vases to give them that extra special pop of color you are looking for!

a glass vase decorated with golden glitter contains flowers.

This bride decided to spray paint her roses gold to match the theme of the wedding… they are gorgeous, don’t you think?

the bride is carrying a bouquet that has been painted with gold spray.

This beautiful gold cake would be perfect… and delicious!

this is a cake that has four layers and a minimalist style, which looks lovely. It is decorated with a white flower on top and a touch of gold that is incorporated into the design of the cake.

Don’t forget the little details, like table settings and place cards!

A gold-colored  tablecloth holder and a place card with an attractive design arranged on the table.

And then, of course, there are some great sweet treats you can use to incorporate more gold into the wedding day, just like these yummy Rolo’s with gold wrappers!

A few sugary snacks coated with golden plastic are positioned onto a glass surface that is .

And last but not least, do not forget about the wedding favors!

the wedding souvenirs are contained in a petite bottle that has a cover with a shiny gold hue. The bottle is adorned with a translucent ribbon in purple color and includes thank you cards.

We hope these great gold wedding ideas gave you some inspiration for your own wedding day! If you are currently planning your own special day, be sure to download our free wedding planning checklist, to help keep you on track.

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