More Great SnapKnot Site Improvements

We told you a few weeks ago about some new updates we implemented to our site and now we are very excited to tell you about a few other great SnapKnot site improvements. If you want a fresher on our most recent updates, check out this post.

We love our members (both photographers and engaged couples!) and want to always be here to help you in any way that we can. Our goal is to help you book more weddings by matching you with couples through our Lead-Match System (LMS) and by giving you a great place to promote and showcase your work. With that goal in mind, we are constantly taking all your feedback into account to make improvements where necessary.

We also are always evaluating the system and want to make the process of booking brides and finding the perfect wedding photographer as simple as possible.

Here are the new SnapKnot site improvements that we just started:

Real Time Lead-Match System Notifications

When a couple has requested to be matched with photographers, the leads now come out in *real time rather than at 9 a.m. ET like they used to. Just like with any business, a client can reach out to you at any time of the day – day or night. The same goes for brides and couples who are planning their wedding. If a bride submits a request to be matched with photographers at 8 p.m. on the West Coast, the lead will be sent out to photographers for them to claim right at that time. If there is a couple who has to do her wedding planning during her lunch hour at work, the lead will come out at that time.

So be sure to keep checking your emails regularly to see if you have been matched so you can claim your leads! And make sure if you do not already… include in your address book to make sure that no emails from us end up in your spam folder!

Brides and Photographers Can Reply To Messages Right From Your Email or Dashboard

When both brides and photographers now receive messages from each other, SnapKnot now is making it easier to respond right away. Instead of having to log into your dashboard, you can now respond directly from the email you receive. How easy is that? Not only can you still respond from your profile dashboard when you are logged in on a computer, but if you happen to be out and about and not sitting directly in front of a computer, simply respond from your mobile device and get it done right away!

snapknot site improvements

These updates will benefit both couples looking for their photographers as well as our awesome SnapKnot local photographers all around the world! Be sure to check back in another couple of weeks to see even more great updates that we are implementing for the brides, to make it easier for them to manage their messages, get a better sense of each photographer from directly within their dashboard messages and to help interact more easily with photographers.

*Real time leads are sent when eligible based on your membership tier.

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