Halloween Themed Wedding in Vancouver

Autumn is a wonderful time of year with gorgeous colors, pumpkins, and Halloween! And the couple we are showcasing today loved everything about Halloween and decided to have a fall Halloween-themed wedding in Vancouver. It is perfect for today with the upcoming holiday only a day away!

Will with Will Pursell Photography had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful wedding and here is a bit of what he had to say about the couple and their special day:

“Leanne and Andrew love Halloween, zombies, scary things, alcoholic things… and animals. They incorporated all of their favorite things into a Halloween/Fall styled wedding. They had a multicultural wedding where they incorporated parts of Leanne’s Chinese culture, along with some of Andrew’s Greek culture. The couple were married at the Unitarian Church in Vancouver and had their reception at Diamond Ballroom. The reception had amazing large windows overlooking the cityscape and Vancouver mountain views.?Their wedding colors were red and orange,?and they had pumpkins wrapped in leaves and twinkle lights as centerpieces at their reception, with candy apples as their party favors.”

We hope you enjoy these gorgeous Halloween-themed wedding photos as much as we do!

a set of red ties and matching boutonnieres for Halloween theme wedding.
a closer look at the boutonnieres in red and orange.
the bride's beautiful tube white wedding gown with floral crystal embellishments.
the bride gets ready with the help of a make-up professional.
the groom and his groomsman in white long-sleeves are donning red neckties.
the bride's adorable pet husky dog is looking at her.
finishing touches for the bride with the help of her bridesmaids.
the bride checking herself in the mirror.
A close-up of the bride with her natural makeup appearance.
the groom in his black suit and red tie with boutonniere on his chest.
The groom and groomsmen pose for a photo while wearing their suits and clutching a glass of an alcoholic drink.
Beautiful photo of the bride in her wedding gown beside the window.
a bridal bouquet consisting of autumn leaves in shades of red and orange, small light yellow flowers, and eucalyptus leaves.
A candid image of the groom and his groomsmen outside the wedding hall.
the groom, together with his beloved mother and father, in their magnificent suit and gown.
the bridesmaid walks with the lads, her bouquet matching the groomsman's boutonniere.
the bride and her parents escort her down the aisle, her father in a tuxedo and her mother in a black lace gown.
the groom in wide smile watching the bride and her parents walk her down the aisle.
the bride's father and the groom shake hands as the father passes her over to him.
the bride and groom stand in front of the wedding facilitator, flanked by bridesmaids and groomsmen.
the wedding facilitator stands facing the bride and groom as they clasp hands together.
the couple stood in front of the audience as the bride joyfully held up her wedding bouquet.
the newlywed couple goes down the aisle while the guests applauds them.
the wonderful ride and her bridesmaids, who were all smiling and carrying their flowers and wearing their stunning gowns.
the groom and his groomsmen are standing together, embracing each other, for the purpose of taking a photo.
the bride is having fun concealing herself with her bouquet, while her bridesmaids look on with joy.
a breathtaking photograph captures the bride and groom with coordinated bouquet and boutonniere.
the bride was gazing at her groom joyfully while he embraced her.
the couple share a sweet and tender kiss.
the pair appears bashful as they pose with their heads close together.
a stunning photograph of the pair captured from behind a partition.
the couple clasping each other's hands and gazing at each other with joy.
a photo session of the married couple was conducted outdoors, with a framework serving as the backdrop.
the couple's outdoor photo session, which took place under the open sky, was mesmerizing.
a photo session was held outdoors featuring the newly married couple alongside their bridesmaids and groomsmen standing next to each other.
the beautiful outline of the wedded pair and the outline of the structure.
a delightful picture capturing the couple's special moment, where the groom embraces the bride affectionately, while the bride holds her bouquet and beams with joy.
enchanting silhouette photograph of a couple facing each other with skyscrapers in the background.
fun upshot photo of the groom and groomsmen.
the view from the wedding reception venue included big skyscrapers, various residences, and a river.
on the table with lights, there is a pumpkin and an apple with red and orange colored leaves.
the tables of the visitors were adorned with little and medium-sized pumpkins accented with autumn foliage.
sweets as wedding favors packaged in clear plastic with a red ribbon.
as a design, a miniature pumpkin was used, as well as a holder for the table number.
a sign displaying information about the seating plan, featuring pumpkins and a piece of wood.
the bride, dressed in a crimson gown, entertains their guests during the wedding reception.
the bridesmaid and groomsman enjoying the wedding décor and snapping photos.
as a card holder for well-wishes for the married couple, a dried tiny branch adorned with lights was used.
a closer look at the Halloween table design.
a lovely wedding favor in transparent plastic with a red ribbon in the shape of an owl.
little pumpkin surrounded by red and yellow foliage and lights.
The bridesmaids walk in wearing knee-length red tube dresses.
the guests snapping photos of the view and talking outside the wedding reception.
the wedding guests having a good time with a cocktail drink.
the bride and groom shared a sweet kiss.
the married couple dancing with their guests around them.
The bride is preparing to throw her bridal bouquet to the beautiful women standing behind her.
the newlywed couple delivers their toast while holding a glass of wine.
lovely happy married couple
the husband is carrying the bride while they dance.
the bride dancing with the wedding entourage and guests.
a beautiful photograph of the bride and groom with city lights and the moon.

This was such a beautiful Halloween-themed wedding! Thank you so much Will for sharing these with us! To see more work from Will Pursell Photography, visit his website at www.willpursell.com.

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