Happy National Camera Day!

In celebration of this wonderful day, we wanted to share with you this history of the photographic camera.  For as long as we have known, people have been taking photos and how cool it is to see how the tools and equipment that are needed have progressed and changed over the years.

Taking a photo is so special to so many people. We all do it… we take photos and hire photographers for those special moments in our lives that we want to cherish forever. I guess it is a way for us to stop time and remember that exact moment precisely how it happened.

Personally, I love the portraits I have had taken of my family and friends, and I love that I am able to decorate my house with my wedding album, bridal portraits, family photos and more. Each of those allow me to showcase what is important to me and let me cherish those wonderful memories that I will not get to relive again.

Many times you can look back at a photograph and realize so much detail that you were not aware of in that present time. It can be an emotional journal that captures your mood, feelings and more.

A photograph is an amazing thing and to all you photographers who take and capture those moments… we thank you! Not only today, on National Camera Day, but every day!

Enjoy this history of the camera!

national camera day

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