Capturing Natural and Happy Moments: Photography by Erik Matey

SnapKnot welcomes Photography by Erik Matey to our list of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania photographers! Erik Matey works hard to ensure his clients are completely comfortable and therefore produces natural and happy wedding photos. His photography is brilliant and portrays special moments in a beautiful way.

bride, groom, classy, wedding


bride, wedding, whimsical

couple, kissing, wedding, bride, groom

“With the idea that weddings are about people, and not ‘things’, I strive to capture all of those special moments. With a flare for a natural type of portraits, you’ll feel comfortable, but you’ll also have a lot of fun.”

wedding, carnival, bride, groom

bride, groom, wedding, sunset, kiss

wedding, couple, beach, holding hands

“If you’re having a good time with your photographer, your pictures will look SO much more natural and happy.”

Photography by Erik Matey is a wonderful new addition to our list of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania photographers! He works hard to capture natural moments and happy wedding photos.



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