A Knowledgable, Helpful Wedding Photographer: Freddy Clark Images

Meet the man behind Freddy Clark Images, a knowledgable and helpful wedding photographer who strives for the very best! Located in the heart of Manalapan, New Jersey, our Freddy proudly boasts several other titles, including father, friend, traveler, son, boyfriend, and artist.

Helpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark ImagesThis helpful wedding photographer discovered his passion for photography at an early age, and before he knew it, his hobby had become a major part of his life. “Not really sure I had a choice,” claims Freddy, who has now been shooting professionally for four years.

Since Freddy has considered himself an amateur photographer all his life, he has an abundance of knowledge on the subject. He realizes that most of his clients aren’t used to being photographed on a daily basis, and has a lot of helpful tips for them to make the experience much more comfortable.

“While specializing in photojournalism style, I also believe that there is a place for posed photography, which is why I have a more hybrid style to give you choices and options to better tell your story.”

Helpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark ImagesHelpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark ImagesOver the years Freddy has been influenced by a number of fellow photographers and artists, including Yousef Karsh, Albert Watson, Richard Avedon, Anne Leibovitz, and Kevin Kubota. His photography weapon of choice? A Canon DSRL’s.

One of Freddy’s most exciting wedding moments involves a bird. While shooting a couple’s portrait session, the little guy flew right into him! “I not sure what it was looking at, but it was not straight ahead,” jokes our photographer.

Helpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark ImagesHelpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark Images Helpful Wedding Photographer, Freddy Clark ImagesOne last piece of advice from Freddy:

“Find someone you can connect with. You need to feel comfortable with your photographer so the pictures can be a collaborative effort…it’s so much more than just having a camera pointed at you. This will make the biggest impact to the quality of your photographs.”

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