How to Change Your Last Name: 8-Step Guide

So, you finally tied the knot, and the only thing holding you back from your fresh new chapter is…your own last name. Don’t fret! Our friends at sent over their best tips on how to handle this final detail. We compiled their expert advice and came up with an 8-step guide on how to change your last name so that you can officially start your future as a Mrs.!

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How to Change Your Last Name:

  1. Purchase a few certified copies of your marriage certificate. You will need to use them as legal proof of your marriage.
  2. Obtain a Social Security Card with your new name. You will need to complete an application and submit it with proof of identity and proof of legal name change.
  3. Update your driver’s license or ID from your state motor vehicle office. Each state has a process to change your last name on a driver’s license or ID card. Make sure to bring your current license/ID, proof of legal name change, and proof of residence if you have moved. (It is also a good idea to wear something cute since your photo will be re-taken.)
  4. Notify the IRS of your name change. You will need to complete a form to notify the IRS. This ensures that when you file your taxes under your new name or jointly with your husband, the IRS will not hold your returns while they investigate who you are (Ex. “We have Caroline Green on file, but not a Caroline Smith with this SSN”.)
  5. Update your U.S. Passport. You will need to fill out an application for a name change on your passport and have new photos taken. The fee will depend on how long you have had your current passport.
  6. Notify the Post Office. If you have moved due to your recent marriage, make sure to notify the United States Postal Office of your new residence by filling out a brief form.
  7. Change your personal paperwork. This includes notifying your banks, credit cards, mortgage providers, utilities, medical providers, insurance companies, professional license boards, and investment companies of your new name.
  8. Start using your new name. Introduce yourself with your new name, change your name on your voicemail and answering machine, and start signing your new name on e-mails and letters.

Or Change Your Last Name the Easy Way…

Use the premier online name-change service to complete all of your state and U.S. government forms, as well as your notification letters for creditors, in three easy steps:

  1. Questions. You will be prompted to answer a few simple questions about yourself.
  2. Forms. Your answers will be used to complete all the forms needed to legally change your name.
  3. File. Print out your completed forms along with instructions on how to file them. is the expert on how to change your last name. Learn more about their time-saving service at or call them at 800.301.9296.

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