How to Find a Wedding Photographer Online: Style Is Everything (Part 2 of 3)

In this second installment in our 3-part series – “How to Find a Wedding Photographer Online” – we discuss the importance of finding a photographer with a style to match your own.

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Part 2: Style Is Everything

Just like any type of artist, wedding photographers each have their own unique style. Do you want a photojournalist, a photographer who does a lot of traditional posing, or a photographer with a more edgy approach? Before you begin your search, it’s important to have a general idea of what type of style you may prefer. Of course, as your search goes on you will become more and more comfortable with understanding the different styles that are out there, but it always helps to have a general idea before you get started.

barton paul philadelphia wedding photographer

Philadelphia wedding photographer Barton Paul has a fun, fresh style.

As you begin your search, you may want to consider wedding websites that allow you to easily compare the visual style of wedding photographers in a meaningful and efficient manner, and it may be a good idea to ask yourself if the wedding website is meeting your needs and making your life easier or if it just happens to be the only wedding website you know about. Do the listings allow you to get a real understanding of a wedding photographer’s work and compare to others accordingly, or are you stuck using a framework that is not making your search more efficient or enjoyable?

kismis ink tampa florida wedding photographer bride groom toasting

Fashion & photojournalism come together in the style of Tampa, FL wedding photographers Kismis Ink.

With SnapKnot it is easy to compare the visual style of each wedding photographer. With a photocentric design, visually meaningful photographer displays, and a side-by-side layout of listings, photographers can present their shooting style in an accurate and effective manner, and brides can easily zero in on the wedding photographer that most effectively captures their desired style:

boston ma wedding photographers

Boston, MA wedding photographers on SnapKnot.

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