How To Include Pets In Your Wedding

When planning your wedding day, the first thing that comes to mind is who you want to include in it. Determining your wedding party and whom to invite your guests to is one of the most important starting points for any couple trying to make sure their big day is a success.

One factor not many couples may not think about is, how to include pets in your wedding! But for all you animal lovers out there, it is one very important factor!

Dogs are the most popular pet that people would think to include in their wedding, but we all know that animals come in all shapes and sizes (and species). We found some great wedding photography where the couples included their pets; those ranging from dogs, a cat, a cow, and well…the rest is for you guys to discover below.

We hope you enjoy all the gorgeous wedding photography we found and even spark some inspiration to include your furry (or feathered) loved ones in your own wedding.

groom hugging bride in white dress with bouquet of flowers near husky in steppe background
bride and groom next to a beautiful thoroughbred horse
bride in white dress stands near horse in spring blooming garden
Wedding bouquet of flowers. Festive dog. Wedding preparations.
wedding, country-style glamor in the forest. Newlyweds posing among pine trees with white fluffy rabbits
latin and modern bride and groom smiling with a pet, dog. looking at camera, vertical and artistic picture

Weren’t these just absolutely adorable? All these couples were able to include their pets in their wedding one way or another – and the photos turned out so amazing. Whether it was dressing them up, just snuggling with them, or having them walk down the aisle during the ceremony, you can always find a way to include your furry friend. We hope you loved these as much as we did!

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