How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is intense, time-consuming, and, really, a bit stressful. But planning a honeymoon is the ultimate bliss! While I loved my wedding, our honeymoon rocked! We went to Nassau, and it was sunny, beachy perfection topped off by an all-inclusive resort package.

Swim-up bar for daiquiris and pina coladas? Yes, please! There are so many destinations for honeymoons that the choices really are endless. Do you want a beach paradise? Cool crisp mountain skiing? Or maybe you’re the adventurous type and you want to tour the rainforest?

Put your heads together as a couple and begin the adventure of honeymoon planning! Before you start thinking about all those crazy destinations, though, you need to set a budget. Like weddings, the first step in deciding what you can afford is realizing what you can afford.

Crunch those numbers, and then the fun really begins. Just start ASAP, because the best resorts book up fast. Especially during peak travel seasons, which will change with the destination (e.g. ski slopes book up during winter!).

According to, Fiji is a the top Honeymoon destination in the world. Not only is Fiji an island paradise, but it also features so many escapades for couples. Snorkel, skydive, and check out Bouma Falls National Park. Aruba, Italy, Bora Bora, and Greece round out the rest of the top five destinations. All of these destinations are luxe, and exotic and can be a little pricey. And, because of their popularity, time is of the essence when booking!

If you’re looking to Honeymoon on a tight budget, stick to the States. Florida offers gorgeous beaches, and a range of hotels and resorts to fit most budgets. You may even opt to visit the Mouse (Mickey, of course). For adventure seekers, rent an RV and hit the road for a week. Check out various sites and stops throughout the U.S.

Island lovers on a budget aren’t totally out of luck, though. According to, Jamaica, Thailand, and even Ireland offer budget-friendly travel options. For those seeking the Emerald Isle, recommends flying into Shannon Airport (and skipping pricier Dublin).

While the average cost of a honeymoon is around $4,000, the price you allocate is entirely up to you as a couple. But whether you camp in the woods for under $100 or go all out on a Caribbean dream vacation, have fun and enjoy your first days as a newlywed couple!

Check out the following infographic for more tips on how to plan the perfect honeymoon:

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