Image Size Requirements for Facebook

Having a business in today’s world, it is so important to reach out to your customers through all of the various social media channels. It is a great place for all photographers to showcase examples of your work and (hopefully) have them go viral and help promote your company. So, have you ever been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wondered what size images you have to use? Here is a handy infographic from Constant Contact with some details for image size requirements for Facebook and other social media sites.

Why Are Images So Important on Social Media?

Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media sites out there, and in its early days, it used to be all about text and links. Now that it has grown and grown, images have become SO important to the platform. Not only are they important to show your own identity on the site (whether you are an individual user or a company page) but they are also a HUGE part of what makes Facebook so appealing.

On Facebook, and every other social media site, images are worth a thousand words. And how important are images to a photographer? Pretty important!!! When we talk about images for social, we do not just mean photos… this can also include drawings, infographics, charts, postcards, and even text that are designed as an image like the quote graphics that are so popular now-a-days.

The engagement rate is shown to be higher with a post that includes an image. Not only does it give a very visual impact, think of an image that shows up in your own Newsfeed… it takes up more space than just a post that includes only text. It just makes sense that a larger graphic – especially a gorgeous one that really stands out – will make a better impact to the viewer.

A good thing to keep in mind is that the social media realm is constantly changing, as could these size requirements. If they do, be sure to check on what those new size requirements may be before you post!

Here are the image size requirements for Facebook and all the other social media sites out there:

image size requirements for Facebook

A Few Photo Tips To Remember

Now that you have the image size requirements for Facebook, think of the photos you use. As far as the different photos you use on Facebook specifically, here are a few tips are good to remember for all the other social media sites as well (especially Twitter)!

  • Use a unique image to represent your page. The image you use for your cover photo on Facebook is one that should showcase what type of business you are. Just remember that it will be the first thing image that the customer has of your profile.
  • Try and experiment with different images to see if one gets a better response than another.
  • It is good practice to change up your cover photo on Facebook (or Twitter!) to highlight special events coming up, any seasonal trends you may want to showcase or any other specific campaigns your company may be doing at the time.
  • Your social media profile image is what is shown for you on the Newsfeeds and should be something that is recognizable to your fans and followers.

Also keep in mind that photos included as a Facebook ad has its own set of rules and regulations. You can read about those here.

The next time that the image size requirements for Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites out there change, we will be sure to let you know… so check back with us so you can get all the exact requirements.

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