The Importance of Wedding Ring Photos

There are SO MANY important photos you want to be sure you get throughout your wedding. Many couples want to get engagement photos together, and then of course bridal portraits of the bride in her amazing wedding gown, and then all the special moments of the wedding day. Your engagement and wedding band are also a very important momento in your relationship. It represents love and a lifetime together. That is why it is so important to make sure your wedding photographer captures some beautiful wedding ring photos.

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We have asked a few of our wonderful SnapKnot photographers for their input on the importance of wedding ring photos. We also wanted to showcase some of their unique wedding ring photo ideas to give you a little inspiration. Enjoy!

Here is what Jessica with Jessica Connery Photography had to say:

“In general, our responsibility as wedding photographers is to preserve moments and memories for couples on one of the most exciting and fleeting days of their life. We photograph the dress, cake, shoes, letters, table decor, vows, laughter, tears, kisses, hugs… everything. To me, the ring shots are a part of the entire story. This is the piece that was given as a symbol of love. A couples’ promise and devotion lies in that circle of metal. Sometimes the ring is an heirloom, passed down through generations. Sometimes it is custom designed piece representing your unique love for each other. Every ring tells a personal story.”

wedding ring photos, jessica connery photography

“For my ring shots I usually take a series of images for the bride and groom. I take a documentary style photo of the rings by themselves without any distractions. Then I add elements of the wedding style into the images which usually turn out to be my favorite shots. If a wedding is particularly colorful I will find something representative of the weddings colors, texture or location to include in the image. How do I find these things? I try to think ahead. By knowing my couples well I usually learn about their wedding style and their personal aesthetic before the wedding. I’ve bought glitter card stock to bring with me to weddings just for the ring shot. Twice I’ve brought postcards of Van Gogh images to prop a ring on having known ahead of time exactly what painting I wanted to photograph the ring on. I have used the bodice of a dress or decor from a hotel room that matched the couples wedding style. From an editorial standpoint this makes all the detail images of a wedding day make sense together. Not to mention how much my couples appreciate my foresight and thoughtfulness.”

wedding ring photos, jessica connery photography

wedding ring photos, jessica connery photography

“If you want to be a little less romantic about it a ring shot is good for insurance documentation. Or, in the horrible instance a ring needs to be re-made, a great ring shot documents the details of the ring for a jewelers reference.”

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Here is what Megan with It’s Megan Jones Photography had to say about wedding ring photos:

“On a bride and grooms wedding day there is so much happening, the day will go by in a flash. Getting those detail shots like the rings is so important because years later, when looking back over everything, you will see the ultimate symbol of your love in photo form, and still resting upon your finger.
Also, ring shots are super cool!”

wedding ring photos, Its megan jones photography

wedding ring photos, Its megan jones photography

wedding ring photos, Its megan jones photography

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Here is what Matt with New Hope Photography had to say:

“I make a point out of taking photos of the rings, they are brand new and this is the best they will ever look. It my not be your favorite photo of the day, but it will be one that you will want to look back on.”

wedding ring photos, new hope photography

wedding ring photos, new hope photography

wedding ring photos, new hope photography

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Here is what Briana with For The Love Of Juneau Photography had to say:

“Capturing photos of engagement and wedding bands is a great opportunity to showcase the style of your wedding or a sentimental detail that may be otherwise overlooked. Because photos of rings are taken at a much closer range than most wedding day photos, consider whether there is any text that you’d like to include in the photo – good examples include the wedding program, a hand-written letter, or a quote from a favorite book. Also, because many rings are passed down from generation to generation, I love honoring that memory if I can. In the [above] photo, the ring was the bride’s grandmother’s, who loved to read. We felt like the ring would pay a nice homage to the grandmother who could not be at the wedding.

When taking photos of the rings, I also try to incorporate the wedding colors as much as possible. I know most brides probably don’t want a large canvas printed of their ring, but they make beautiful additions to wedding albums, so including the colors helps tie everything together.”

wedding ring photos, For The Love of Juneau Photography

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Wedding Photographers

Here are a few other wedding ring photos we love!

christopher j photography
Photo credit: Christopher J Photography
Alicia Lynn Photos
Photo credit: Alicia Lynn Photos
Photo credit: Evie Claire Photography via Brit+Co
Photo credit: Evie Claire Photography via Brit+Co
Photo credit: Ashfall Mixed Media
Photo credit: Ashfall Mixed Media
Jarrad Lister Photography
Photo credit: Jarrad Lister Photography

We hope these wedding ring photos, and the great advice from a few of our SnapKnot photographers, have given you a bit of inspiration for your wedding!

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