Ramit Batra {photography}: An Experienced New Delhi, India Wedding Photographer

We are delighted to introduce Ramit Batra {photography} to our list of New Delhi, India wedding photographers. This Indian wedding photographer’s engineering education and experience as a former character animator has taught him a lot about photographing people, making him a skilled member of his profession.

“Photographing Indian weddings is a fascinating job. My experience in shooting them has given me great skills in capturing the myriad of colours, the plethora of traditions and the very strong familial bonds that become a part of a wedding celebration.”

Indian, bride, groom

groom, carring, bride

bride, groom, riding, car

“I love that my work allows me to capture the fun, laughter, tears, and sometimes even the tensions around one of the most important days in someone’s life.”

bride, groom, India

man, under, colorful, confetti

indian, bride, groom

To see more photos from this Indian wedding photographer and to contact Ramit Batra {photography} directly, visit his website: http://www.ramitbatra.com/.

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