iPad Photography App: Photogene Mobile Photo Editor

photogene ipad app

Omer Shoor’s Photogene app for the iPad looks like a great photo editor for both pros and photography enthusiasts alike, as it allows for some quick, fairly robust photo editing on the go (although curiously it offers no resizing ability, according to this excellent review of Photogene over at iPadmodo).

ipad photogene photo editor app

Although the iPad itself lacks a camera – much to the chagrin of Apple fanboys and critics alike – with an application like Photogene, the super-sexy media browser serves as a nice photo-editing platform while you’re on the go.

Out in the field? Traveling for work or pleasure away from the powerful photo editing software running on your high-end laptop or desktop? It sounds like Photogene can help bridge the gap between the immediacy of snapping digital pics on the move and getting them “album ready” without waiting until you return to home base.

Check out the snazzy demo video of Photogene:

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