Photographer Feature: Katie Jackson Photography

KatieJacksonPhotography_sqWe would like to introduce SnapKnot member Katie Jackson with Katie Jackson Photography out of Los Angeles. We interviewed Katie, who owns and runs Katie Jackson Photography, and this is what we found out:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I got married about 2.5 years ago and ever since I’ve been obsessed with weddings. As a result, I started specializing in wedding photography shortly after. I’m based out of Calabasas, CA where I live with my husband and cute little shih-tzu Jayjay. I have an obsession with pretty paper, witty cards and hand written notes. I love anything Kate Spade and I have an addiction to Starbucks coffee.


Why did you chose to be a photographer?

I love creating art that involves people and their love for each other. Wedding photography has allowed me to do just that.


How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer since high school where we worked with black and white film only. We did the whole process ourselves– from taking the image, developing the film and printing the image in a darkroom. It was so cool! Since then I’ve transitioned to digital but I still love to play with film in my free time.


How would you classify your style of photography?

My style is genuine, timeless and romantic. And I like my images to feel light and airy. I love images that show the couple’s unique personality as well as their love for each other.




Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?

On a personal level, one of my big influences is my Mom. She really knows how to make people feel special and loved;) She is the most selfless person I know. On a professional level, I’m am inspired by Katelyn James. Her love and care for each one of her clients mixed with her beautiful imagery makes for a killer combination.



Do you have any good wedding stories?

Not really any that I want to share on a public platform, LOL. Feel free to ask me in person though!


What¹s your preferred type of camera equipment?

I use all Canon professional photography gear. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and all L-series lenses. At this point, I shoot 100% digitally for my weddings and portraits, however I do like working with film for personal projects.


What would you recommend for a couple starting their search for a wedding photographer?

You must like your photographer on a personal level and feel comfortable with them! I made the mistake of hiring a wedding photographer that I didn’t mesh well with on a personal level. The experience of being photographed has a big impact on the emotion that is shown in the images. Since your wedding photographer is one of the only people that are with you every second of your wedding day, they really make a difference. You must like their images, but even more, you must like them!


What is next for you and/or your business?

I hope to continue meeting amazing couples and photographing their weddings. I also hope to do a few destinations weddings in the very near future!

A huge thank you to Katie for sharing her story and advice. If you are looking for more information on photographers in the Los Angles area, visit her website and Facebook page.

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