Keep Kids Entertained With These Children’s Wedding Activities

We’ve all seen the articles on the internet that question whether or not kids should be invited to a wedding. Many people think that having kids at their wedding will ruin the day or make it less fun, especially if guests are too busy chasing their kids around to have fun and mingle. There is also the chance that guests will not want to go to the wedding without their children, especially if they are young, or their babysitter could have cancelled at the last minute. However, having different types of children’s wedding activities can help out!!

While not all couples will be up for putting additional money into the wedding to entertain children, there is a variety of ways to keep kids entertained throughout a wedding, leading to a stress-free day for everyone. Children are great for lightening the mood and having a good time!

With ideas ranging from having kid-friendly desserts and providing an arts and crafts table, you are sure to love these children’s wedding activities! If you are thinking about inviting children to your wedding, be sure to consider these amazing and fun ideas. They are sure to keep all of the children (and maybe even a few of the adults) entertained and happy.

Here are a few of the children’s wedding activities we found that we know you will love!

Children Having A Role In The Special Day

Have the oldest flower girl and ring bearer pull the youngest flower girl and ring bearer in a wagon down the aisle is sure to keep those children occupied… and may even tire them out a bit!

children's wedding activities, Golightly Images
Credit: Golightly Images

Have the flower girls and ring bearers hold up a fun sign when you are entering the reception as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time or during your first dance. You can even include all the kids at the wedding in this fun “job” that kids are bound to love!

children's wedding activities
Credit: Blog: One Fab Day

Have An Area Where Kids Can Play A Variety Of Games

Set up a unique and special spot off to the side where kids can play together without getting in everyone else’s way. Be sure to include little games and toys, as well as a bunch of pillows for them to relax on!

children's wedding activities, Jillian Mitchell
Credit: Jillian Mitchell

Have a simple “I Spy” game for the kids to play with one another. For the older kids, provide a camera for them to be able to snap photos of their finds!

children's wedding activities,
Credit: Etsy: GrayCloudPrint

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception set up a “Splash Zone” set up where kids can pop water balloons with darts. They are bound to love having a little water play!

children's wedding activities, Katelyn James Photography
Credit: Katelyn James Photography

Provide a basket full of bubbles for kids to be able to have fun! Everyone loves bubbles!

children's wedding activities, Kristin Moore Photo
Credit: Kristin Moore Photo

Have a huge game of Connect-4 set up off to the side. The kids will love getting to see a huge version of one of their favorite games!

children's wedding activities, Sarah Tonkin Photography
Credit: Sarah Tonkin Photography

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Kids Love Arts And Crafts 

Set up an arts and crafts workshop where kids can create a few crafts with an adult supervisor. For even more fun, make the arts and crafts wedding-related!

children's wedding activities, Cory Ryan Photography
Credit: Cory Ryan Photography

Set up an entire table full of arts and crafts goodies, such as Play-Doh, crayons, and bubbles.

children's wedding activities, Jen Fariello Photography
Credit: Jen Fariello Photography

Find printable coloring and activity sheets of all things wedding for the kids to color. Include a variety of activity sheets as well, including mazes and word searches.

children's wedding activities
Credit: Blog: Something Turquoise

Put together baskets to place at the table with goodies in it. A few ideas of what to include: coloring books, games, crayons, and books.

children's wedding activities, Trent Bailey Photography
Credit: Trent Bailey Photography

Provide A Few Kid-Friendly Meals and Desserts (Adults Will Love Them Too!)

Set up a macaroni and cheese bar for guests to add their own toppings.

children's wedding activities
Credit: Blog: Pearl Events Austin

Have an ice cream truck come to your wedding reception venue when it is time for cake and other desserts. A children’s dream!

children's wedding activities, Marianne Taylor Photography
Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography

At the table, provide candy bowls full of different candies and chocolates.

children's wedding activities, Lavish and Light Photography
Credit: Lavish and Light Photography

Have a cookies and milk stand for the kids to be able to grab a few cookies and a bottle of milk. You can also include this as the wedding favor for kids to be able to take home!

children's wedding activities, Sean Walker Photography
Credit: Sean Walker Photography

Have a cotton candy stand for kids to enjoy during dessert time.

children's wedding activities
Credit: Blog: Wedding Party App

If you are looking for children’s wedding activities, these are some great ideas to help get you started and inspire you! You should also be sure to check out these fun reception ideas that everyone is sure to love!

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