Kilwin’s Ice Cream in Annapolis, MD Engagement Pictures by Clark Bailey Photography

Everybody loves ice cream, and everybody loves great photos, which is why this engagement shoot at Kilwin’s Ice Cream in Annapolis by Clark Bailey Photography really caught our attention. Not only is this a great story about Troy (of Clark Bailey Photography) and his brother, but the coastal images that were captured, and of course the ice cream is not to
be missed!

“Sometimes you can get so caught up in your day to day world as a photographer, that when a family member calls on you to photograph them, it can actually make you pause and think about the moment. This isn’t a moment that happens because they called you simply because you are family but more because you are family and they really value your work as a photographer. I received a call from my brother Jay and his fiancée Danielle. The conversation started something
like this…”

Read more about Jay and Danielle’s Annapolis Maryland Engagement session at Kilwin’s Ice Cream


Reid’s (one of the SnapKnot co-founders) favorite flavor of ice cream is mint-chip, and sometimes cookie dough. :)


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