Mike and Mandy’s Stunning Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot: Jess Robertson Photography

Jess Robertson, one of our Los Angeles wedding photographers, recently shot a stunning Laguna Beach engagement session that we’d love to share. The destination was symbolic, in that it was where bride and groom-to-be, Mandy and Mike, had their first “official date”. After shooting downtown, Jess wrapped things up Crescent Beach, Laguna’s “best kept secret”. Here are some of our favorites from Jess Robertson Photography’s awesome beach engagement shoot:

couple, holding, hands, engagement rings

man, hugging, kissing, woman, shoulder

couple, holding, hands, hugging

woman, leaning, head, man, shoulder

couple, kissing, beach

couple, sitting, beach

couple, playing, beach

couple, smiling, each, other

couple, feet, sand

To see more images from Jess Robertson Photography, visit her SnapKnot profile.

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