Lifestyle Wedding Photographer with a New and Different Approach: Ashley McKenzie Photography

Ashley McKenzie’s life-long ambition has been to open her own photography business…and now that dream has come to life! Introducing Ashley McKenzie Photography, one of the most recent additions to our list of Windsor, Colorado wedding photographers. Ashley and her husband are working together to build their business, an adventure that is turning out to be one of the most exciting times of their lives. Her style? Ashley considers herself to be a lifestyle wedding photographer who is always looking for something new and different with each photograph she takes.

“I love taking candid photos when people least expect it and are most like themselves. I find comfort and joy in capturing emotions every day.”

Ashley LouiseAshley and her husband knew from the moment they met three years ago that they were going to get married. Since then, so much of their time has been spent getting to know each other and build their business. In fact, they just now realized that they scheduled a wedding shoot the day of their anniversary!

Something a lot of people wouldn’t know about Ashley that she enjoys backpacking. Now that she and her husband work together, they love that they have the ability to go camping together!

“I’m not very good at it, but my husband and I have invested in a bunch of awesome lightweight outdoor equipment and when we have time we take off for a day here or there and enjoy these beautiful mountains we live next to. I absolutely love Colorado, even if the snow makes me shiver!”

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer, Ashley McKenzie PhotographyLifestyle Wedding Photographer, Ashley McKenzie Photography
Ashley’s family, friends, and husband have always encouraged her to live her dreams; supporting her, pushing her when she needed it, and celebrating her accomplishments. In fact, one friend was so supportive that she asked Ashley to photograph her last-minute wedding- before they graduated high school!

“I ended up falling during their ceremony at least four times. It was so embarrassing! Everyone was kind and courteous, including my friend, and you know what? The photographs still ended up looking beautiful. That has always been the kind of support and influence in my life that has gotten me to this point now.”

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer, Ashley McKenzie PhotographyLifestyle Wedding Photographer, Ashley McKenzie PhotographyTo see more images from this lifestyle wedding photographer, visit Ashley McKenzie Photography.

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