Lifestyle Wedding Photography by Jenn Bartell Photography + Design

Jenn Bartell Photography + Design brings you lifestyle wedding photography to capture the moments of your special day.  This Sacramento, CA based photographer takes on a natural and modern photojournalistic style in all of their wedding photography.  This style of photography allows you and your spouse to feel a sense of relaxation on your wedding day.

wedding, rings, polka, dots

bride, groom, sunset, umbrella

bride, groom, pool

“We always enjoy photographing fun, creative couples We like to make sure our clients are comfortable, trusting and are able to be themselves around us before we photograph them on their most important day. It is always a nice feeling to make new friends out of our clients and to meet so many great, creative, couples.”

bride, groom, hugging, beach

bride, getting, ready

wedding, dress, shoes

To see more lifestyle wedding photography from Jenn Bartell Photography + Design visit their website.

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