London Wedding Photographer: Ron Lima

Although he was born in Brazil and likes to consider himself a citizen of the world, Ron Lima is currently gracing the UK with his skills as a London wedding photographer. Before London, Ron lived in United States, Italy, and has photographed weddings in every country he’s lived in, as well as a few others. Ron is always searching for ways to update his wedding photography style, which he explains doesn’t fall into any real category.

“I would say I have a creative style. A little of photojournalism, a little about editorial and much about freestyle. I don’t like to classify what I do very much, because I don’t consider my style 100% part of a classification.”

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London Wedding Photographer, Ron Lima PhotographyRon developed his taste for photography at a young age, as it was one of his father’s hobbies. Attracted to the art, Ron tried his hand photography, and by his teenage years had decided that it was what he wanted to do for a living. Ron has been a professional photographer now since 1998, and before finding his path in wedding photography, he gained experience as a food photographer and a photojournalist for magazines and newspapers.

A lot of Ron’s work is influenced by Italian wedding photographer, Edoardo Agresti, who is known for his beautiful documentary work. Ron is also inspired by his wife, who he says was one of those brides that wanted everything detail to be perfect. She is always checking his work and giving him new ideas for future weddings. He prefers to use DSLR cameras and fixed focal lenses while shooting, and doesn’t really care what the brand of the camera is. He believes that fixed lenses make the photographer more active and less lazy, as he has to search for the best angles and be present at the right moment rather than rely on zoom lenses.

London Wedding Photographer, Ron Lima PhotographyLondon Wedding Photographer, Ron Lima Photography London Wedding Photographer, Ron Lima PhotographyLondon Wedding Photographer, Ron Lima PhotographyRon has an interesting wedding story to share with the community:

“I once photographed a wedding of a deaf-mute couple. I first thought it would be difficult to communicate with them – my mistake. Maybe it was the easiest wedding ever. They are both actors (believe it or not) and everything flowed smoothly from the beginning til the end. The only thing was that they didn’t have music on the party, so, no first dance pictures.”

Ron recommends that couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer should focus on personality. He advises them to make a “pre-selection” of photographers with styles they like and book appointments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (even if you have a lot) and choose from your heart; the one that you like best and who you feel the most comfortable with.

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