Mardi Gras Wedding Ideas for a Festive Celebration

When you think about Mardi Gras, you think of bright colors, fun parties, and so much fun! Doesn’t all of those details sound so amazing for a wedding theme? We found these Mardi Gras wedding ideas that, we thought, would get you in the spirit for this year’s party. Enjoy!

We just love this wedding gown, along with the colors and the masks…. so perfect for a sophisticated Mardi Gras themed wedding!

Bright purple bridesmaids’ dresses would fit perfectly into the theme!

There is nothing more to say other than WOW… stunning!

Some fun ideas for Mardi Gras themed party favors.

Feathers and masks are a fun idea for your wedding photography during your Mardi Gras themed wedding!

Or, why not have the entire wedding party in masks just like these?

Or these?!?

You could have a fun parade with all your wedding guests to celebrate, just like you were in New Orleans.

These flowers would be perfect! Love the purple satin wrap on the stems.

And nothing says Mardi Gras more than big, bright table centerpieces!

We hope you have loved the fun, and very colorful, Mardi Gras wedding ideas. There are so many awesome wedding themes out there, read this post to see which wedding theme is right for you!

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