Marine Praying With His Bride Before Their Ceremony

This photo of a marine praying with his bride before their wedding ceremony has gone viral, as soon as wedding photographer, Dwayne Schmidt posted the photo on his Facebook page. Once you take a look for yourself, it is not too hard to see why.

U.S. Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood wanted to pray with his bride Maggie before their ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina, this past Saturday. With the help of their photographer and family, Caleb was guided to the cabin where Maggie was getting ready, where they joined hands around a corner so they would not break tradition by seeing each other.

“As soon as their hands touched he started getting emotional,” said Schmidt to ABC News.

In the photo, you will see Caleb praying out loud while Maggie tries to hold back tears. He prays for their marriage, asking that their union be strong enough to serve as an example for all young couples.

Schmidt said, “So many people are emailing me saying thank you for sharing this. It’s what America is supposed to be about.”

marine praying with his bride

What an amazing photo. To read the original article you can see it here on ABC News.

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