Meet One of Our Newest Maryland Wedding Photographers: Joe Whitten

We are delighted to introduce Joe Whitten of Whitten Photography, one of our most recent Maryland wedding photographers. This multi-talented photographer also works as a software developer, and thus takes creative ownership of all of his websites. Joe considers every wedding to be an opportunity to do something meaningful, important, and artistic, so he really puts his all into documenting and editing each of his events.

Head400JWhittenJoe’s photography style varies depending on what he is shooting, although he prefers a generally journalistic approach to weddings. He enjoys capturing the real story of the event- the mood of the day, the emotions of everyone involved, preparations for the wedding- all of the things that come together to tell the story. He still, however, recognizes the importance of the more traditional, posed shots.

One of Joe’s largest photographic influences was Ansel Adams. He explains that even though Adams was primarily a black and while photographer who used large format film cameras, while he himself uses digital cameras and Photoshop, reading Adams’ books has opened his eyes to the way that light affects scenes. His books also helped him realize that there is a lot more to good photography than simply pointing and shooting.

“Becoming a photographer changes the way you see the world around you, giving you a heightened awareness of light sources, textures, and colors. Good photographers don’t succeed because they are lucky enough to be in the right situation; good photographers succeed because they are prepared when the opportunity arises.”

Maryland Wedding Photographer Whitten PhotographyWe found that one of Joe’s tips to brides searching for a wedding photographer stands out from the rest. He recommends that brides who hire their videographer and photographer separately should coordinate a meeting between the two prior to the wedding, as there is potential conflict in having both. His advice is to decide what is really more important to you and choose only one, otherwise the videographer will likely end up in some of your photos, and the photographer will end up in the videos. “The flash on the camera can ruin a video,” he explains, “and the harsh lights that some videographers use can ruin photographs by creating shadows.”

Maryland Wedding Photographer Whitten PhotographyTo see more images from one of our newest Maryland wedding photographers, visit Joe at Whitten Photography.

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