9 Important Mother Of The Bride Duties

There is so much planning involved in a wedding, and it is not just the bride and groom that has to do it all. Other family members and those in the bridal party have important roles in the planning aspect, just as they are important on the big day. In this article, we wanted to share all about mother-of-the-bride duties… but keep in mind that these also count for the mother of the groom as well.

The mother of the bride, the groom, and the bride herself are all smiling in this gorgeous shot.

As the mother of the bride, or groom, here are a few duties you may find yourself helping out with over the course of the planning or wedding day:

1. Congratulate the Other Parents

It is typically a tradition for the groom’s parents to reach out to the bride’s parents to introduce themselves (if they do not know each other already) and for them to offer their congrats on the engagement. Nowadays, it does not really matter who does what, but if you are the bride’s parents, it may be good to wait a few days before you reach out.

2. Discuss Wedding Details

The bride’s parents are traditionally the ones to plan and pay for the entire wedding, whereas the groom’s parents take care of the cost and planning of the rehearsal dinner. If the bride’s parents are paying for the entire wedding day, they are the ones that can make the most of the decisions. In today’s world, it is not always the bride’s parents who are fronting the money for the cost of the big day. Some couples pay for their own wedding, or sometimes both sides of the parents split certain things.

3. Managing The Guest List

It is typically the job of the bride’s parents, if they are the ones paying for and hosting the wedding, to put help the bride and groom put together the guest list, and manage all the RSVPs. A few weeks before the wedding, it is also a good idea to follow up with those invited guests who have not yet responded to the invitation one way or the other. This will help assure you that you have the most up-to-date number of attending guests.

4. Dress Shopping With The Bride

As a mother of a bride, you have most likely been dreaming about the day that you can go wedding dress shopping with your daughter.  Remember that you may not always love the dress style that she likes best, but no matter what, remind her that she looks beautiful in whatever dress she so chooses!

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A mother assists her daughter in selecting a wedding gown at a bridal boutique.

5. Find Your Own Dress

It is a tradition that the mother of the bride buys her dress for the wedding first, and then the mother of the groom will choose her dress from there based on what you are wearing. It is also important to ask the bride what she thinks would be best for you to wear based on the wedding theme and season she is planning.

She may want you in a more formal gown, or if it is a summer wedding, she may prefer your dress to be a shorter length. But because the mother of the bride and groom will be in photos together, it is a good idea for all women to work together to make sure your dresses are similar in style.

6. Share Your Traditions

Find something from your past that could be a special “something borrowed” for your daughter to have with her on her wedding day. Research any other family or cultural traditions that you may want to include in the day. It could be a poem, song, or a special dance that you want to incorporate.

7. Be A Good Hostess

When out-of-town guests arrive for wedding festivities, it is traditionally your job to make sure that all guests feel welcomed. It is also important to make sure you have secured a hotel room block ahead of time so that all guests can book. It is helpful for everyone from out of town to be in the same place, in case you have transportation set up for everyone to get to the ceremony or reception.

8. Be Mom

Your daughter’s wedding is going to be one of the most important and special days in her life. The wedding planning process can be stressful, and knowing that you are about to agree to spend the rest of your life with someone can be a nerve-wracking and scary thing, even if you are totally in love. Make sure you are there for your daughter. Try to stay positive and stress-free during the planning, so things run smoothly.

On the wedding day, offer advice as needed, and be there to support and love your daughter as you watch her walk down the aisle to her future.

9. Spread The Word About The Registry

Many people include the registry information on their wedding website as it is not proper etiquette to include that information on the printed invitations. Make sure you help get the word out to the wedding guests about the registry, what the bride and groom are hoping to receive if anything and answer any questions anyone may have.

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We hope this list of 9 mothers of bride duties has been helpful to you if you are helping to plan your (or your daughter’s) wedding. Be sure to also download our wedding planning checklist that will help you stay on track with your planning timeline.

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