Unposed, Naturally Stunning Wedding Images: Paul Vincent Photography

A warm SnapKnot welcome to Paul of Paul Vincent Photography. This Minneapolis, Minnesota wedding photographer tends to be less tradition in his style, staying away from contrived poses and focusing on simply natural wedding photos.

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A little peek into Paul’s background in wedding photography:


My name is Paul Vincent and I’ve had the opportunity to shoot everything from the NFL, to Alaskan Adventures, and Weddings. I love weddings because of the connection between two people when they are in Love. That’s what I strive to capture

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A few quick facts on a personal level:

1- I LOVE to travel/adventure around

2- I backflipped over my wife while wakeboarding, yeah at our wedding!

3- Life is all about Loving people!

4-  In my former life I was a bean counter, AKA public accountant

5- I’m a candy fiend

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I started shooting because of the unique blend of technical skill and intangible creativeness thatphotography holds. It’s one thing to understand light, color and cameras and a completely different aspect to get people and capture them naturally. I’m continually fine tuning the relationship between the two through my 5 years as a photographer. I started out shooting in a newspaper and have shifted my focus into portrait work. It gives me a unique blend of story telling and guidance in working with couples. Which, is why I tend to be more non-traditional in my work. I strive for natural photos and not contrived poses.

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Over all the technical stuff or styles of photography I believe the most important thing is that you, as the couple, feel comfortable with me. If you don’t then it doesn’t matter how hard I work, the photos won’t turn out. It’s only when we get the perfect mix of skill, creativity, and relationship that truly amazing photographs are created.

To see more natural wedding photos from Paul Vincent Photography, visit his website.

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