New Jersey Wedding Photographer: Chris Sztybel of That Werks

We are delighted to welcome Chris Sztybel of That Werks to the SnapKnot family! A New Jersey wedding photographer, Chris considers his style “chameleonic”, as he understand the technical and emotional aspects of the subject he is shooting.

“I’m so easy to work with. I focus on getting to know the many different personalities out there and making great photographs. It really couldn’t be more simple or more enjoyable to me.”

New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, That WerksChris lives in New Brunswick with his wife, Lindsay (whom he endearingly refers to as “Boogs”). The pair enjoys going to the movies and exploring nature preserves such as Duke Farms. He has even succeeding at getting her interested in photography, an art Chris fell in love with back in high school.

He explains that it was one of the only classes offered and took it pretty seriously. After graduation he shot disposable film cameras until digital quality improved. Chris has always had a knack for knowing how to interact with people and getting them to let go in front of the camera. In addition to shooting weddings, he also draws, edits short films, and creates sculptures.

New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, That WerksNew Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, That Werks New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, That WerksChris recommends that couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer choose one that makes them feel that like there is no other option. That, he says, is when you know you’ve made the right decision.

As far as wedding stories go, Chris has a fun one to share with us:

“There is a Jewish tradition where the couple sits on chair and gets lifted by the guests. This particular wedding bypassed the chairs and picked the bride up like she just pitched a perfect game. It was so funny and made for some of the best wedding photos I’ve taken.”

New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, That WerksA few fun facts about our New Jersey wedding photographer? He looks to Steve McCurry for professional inspiration.

“He has always been a great influence because of the connection he has with his subjects.”

He is also currently restoring a 1981 DeLorean.

To see more images from Chris, visit That Werks on Facebook and Twitter.

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