Clinton, New Jersey Wedding Photographer: Deanna Seiple of Cherryville Photography

A warm, SnapKnot welcome to Deanna Seiple, the owner and head photographer of Cherryville Photography. A second-generation photographer, Deanna considers herself blessed to have been born into a creative, photographic family as well as to have the opportunity to learn her craft through practicing it. In addition to being a Clinton, New Jersey wedding photographer, Deanna is also a wife and mother of two adorable little girls.

“I am constantly increasing my professional knowledge of the latest techniques and equipment. I am extremely passionate about what I do and love that I can help people to keep memories that can be passed down through generations.”

New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, Cherryville PhotographyBecause Deanna is responsible for such an important part of the wedding day, she doesn’t leave anything to chance. Therefore she shoots with phenomenal equipment such as the Nikon D3S, various lenses and flashes included the Nikkor 70-200mm lens, and a wide variety of image archival equipment.

She also has a list of questions that she thinks all brides should ask their wedding photographer before booking them:

1. How long until I can see/have my pictures?

2. Will you be photographing my wedding, or do you farm the work out to some other person?

3. Do you clearly list all your prices on your website and is it all inclusive?

4. Is this your full-time job, or will I have to wait until you come home from your other job to give attention to my wedding?

5. How long have you been doing this professionally?

“You only have one shot to capture the beginning of your lives together make sure you hire someone who you can confidently trust!”

New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, Cherryville PhotographyNew Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, Cherryville Photography New Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, Cherryville PhotographyNew Jersey Wedding Photogarpher, Cherryville Photography“I just completely love what I do and love that I am able to give people tangible memories that will be shared with their children and grandchildren.”

Brides that mention this post will receive a bonus upgrade from a low-resolution proof disk to all their 600-800 high-resolution images will full printing rights.

To see more images from this New Jersey wedding photographer, visit Deanna at Cherryville Photography.

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