Plan An Off Season Wedding – Money Saving Wedding Hack #1

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a huge task to take on…. and it can be a costly task as well. When you get engaged, you are so excited and many brides-to-be want to start their planning right away. There are so many things you have to remember, between picking the date, booking the venue, finding the perfect dress, and figuring out what type of theme and decor you want to have… the list can be overwhelming. We even have this great wedding planning checklist to keep yourself organized.

But, if you start off by choosing a wedding date that will allow you to have an off-season wedding, you can save money right from the start.

The Off Season Can Also Mean Cheaper

Not only are venues cheaper to rent during the off-season, but you may find that other items are as well. You will also most likely have more options available for a wedding day during the off months.

The Off Season is Different Everywhere

happy couple wedding in winter season

Make sure to remember that the off-season is different in various locations. For example, off-season in places that have 4 distinct seasons would be in the winter months. These locations could be places in the United States including New York City, Chicago, Virginia, and Colorado, just to name a few.

off season wedding

In areas where it is warmer all throughout the year, the summer months would be their off-season. A few of these destinations include Florida, the Bahamas, or really any beach destination off the Coast of the US or in South America. Be sure if you are planning a destination wedding in another country, you do your research beforehand to figure out what the off-season is like in that specific location.

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