Packers Fan Was Excited To Take His Wife’s Last Name

Ryan Holtan-Murphy, a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan met his future wife, Marie Packer and when they said ‘I do’ taking his wife’s last name was not a hard decision for him.

Holtan-Murphy has been obsessed with the football team since he was little. So when it came time to say “I do, his Packers pride would become part of his identity once and for all.

packers fan

“Honestly it was never even a decision!” Ryan said of taking his bride’s last name to the Huffington Post. “I love her and love the Packers, so it was a no-brainer. Marie very graciously agreed!”

“Marie’s family is bemused but happy to let me join the party,” he continued. “My family lives in Wisconsin and is completely unsurprised.”

The Green Bay Packers have not reached out to the couple; however, Miller Lite, the teams’ official beer sponsor, sent some beverages to the wedding and to the newlyweds’ home. They also gave the couple two tickets to every Packers home game this season! Pretty awesome if you ask us!

Take a few minutes to look at more of the photos from the wedding by JPP Studios below.

packers fan

packers fan

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