28 Cute, Fun, & Romantic Photography Poses for Couples

Ace your couples’ photoshoot with our top tips and ideas for photography poses for couples! 

Photographs are a chance to share the timeless love story of you and your sweetheart and freeze those special moments for eternity. Mastering sweet, cute, fun, and flattering photography poses is key to a successful couples photoshoot. So, to get the most out of your next couples photoshoot, we’ve curated this mood board of the best photography poses for couples to give you some inspiration.

Whether for engagement, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or ‘just-for-fun’ snapshots to celebrate your love and share your story, there’s something here for you. Our collection of photography poses for couples ranges from classic and romantic to unique and cutting-edge couple portraits for couples young and old.

Cute Photography Poses for Couples

Call it classic or cliche. But these cutesy poses for couples will bring out the charm of your relationship in front of the camera and make everyone go, “Aww, you two are so adorable!”

1. The Hand-Holding Pose

Simple and classic. This pose for couples will showcase the deep connection between you and your partner. So, hold your partner’s hand tight, and remember to give that perfect smile to the camera or while looking at your sweetheart. 

2. Arm in Arm While Walking

If holding hands is not enough, this photography pose for couples paints an even dreamier picture. Your closeness and connection will come through in the picture. 

3. Head on His Shoulder

The pose is a picture of closeness, serenity, and comfort. Photograph it standing—the guy standing tall and strong while the girl leans her head on his shoulder. Smile. And enjoy each other’s company. 

You can also photograph it sitting down. And in case you’re wondering what to do with the hands, one hand can be on the guy’s chest and the other on his shoulder. Or, his hands can envelop her waist to complete the pose. 

4. Gentle Caress on Cheek 

This photography pose is a great way to create intimacy in a couple’s photo. He can gently caress her face with one hand, or they can hold each other’s faces with both hands. And remember the eye contact while doing this for the photo to capture the couple’s tender moment perfectly.

5. A Kiss on the Cheek

A kiss on the cheek is a simple but incredibly sweet way to show your love. And remember to smile! 

The photo encapsulates the couple’s sweetness, which is perfect for close-up photography. 

6. A Kiss on the Hand Pose

Kissing her hand has always been a symbol of affection, admiration, and respect. Like a kiss on the cheek, this pose is fantastic for close-ups. 

7. Nose to Nose

Touching noses give a perfectly perfect pose for couples. And to have your affection and chemistry come through in the photograph, the little details matter—move your body closer to each other and look into each other’s eyes. 

8. Forehead to Forehead

Simple pose for couples—gently touch your foreheads together and smile. This pose idea is a fantastic way to show your connection and intimacy. And for even more inspiration, consider a sunset backdrop. The golden light between you two adds that magical touch. 

9. Hiding a Kiss with a Prop

You don’t have to see the kiss to capture that perfect couple photo. Use a cute prop like a balloon or a hat to hide the couple’s faces. That secret kiss is a recipe for a cute portrait that gets everyone saying, “Aww.”

Fun Photography Poses for Couples

For couples with a good sense of humor, these fun poses for couples show your lighthearted and goofy side. Plus, sharing many laughs and giggles with your sweetheart never fails to capture the beautiful affection between a couple. 

10. A Piggyback Ride

Piggyback rides may be cliche and juvenile, but they’re an awesome way for couples to have fun and feel at ease in the camera. And they can take turns carrying each other. It is guaranteed to make you laugh and capture fun and loving photos. 

11. Dancing Without a Care in the World

A couple’s dance can be both romantic and fun. Play your favorite love song in the background, hold each other, and get into the perfect mood but make it fun. Dance with each other like no one is watching. 

It’s the perfect photography pose for couples without actually posing for the photo. That candid shot perfectly encapsulates the couple’s emotions. 

Simple tip: Spin her around! It will look dynamic and fun in a photo. 

12. Goofing Around 

The point of this couple’s pose is to make each other have fun and laugh together. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you do it. Express your playful side. Goof around. Do something silly. Make the other do something awkward on purpose. Make the ugliest faces to make each other laugh. 

13. Whispering (Something Funny) in Her Ears

If you want to capture the shared good humor in your relationships, whisper something funny in her ears. It could be a funny joke or something corny—your choice. It will always result in fits of giggles. And the photo will capture natural reactions of how she finds you funny. 

Romantic Photography Poses for Couples

It’s your time to play the lead! These romantic pose ideas for couples are your chance to live the fantasy—perfect for someone who loves romantic movies or romance books. 

14. Arms Around His Neck

Here’s a couple pose to portray a couple’s closeness—the classic ‘hugging’ pose. In this pose, she has her arms encircling his neck while he tenderly embraces her. Look at each other’s eyes or even share an ‘almost’ kiss. 

Moments like this always capture the affection between each other, a recipe for the perfect romantic photos for couples. 

15. Arms Around Her (from Behind)

The surprise couple’s hug. You can shoot it indoors or outdoors, your choice. But here’s a quick tip to make the picture look more natural—capture it as a surprise! It makes a huge difference in the final picture to capture how she responds by connecting with the guy’s encircled arms. And to portray even more intimacy in the photo, ask the guy to pose nuzzling on the girl’s neck or touch his nose to her cheek. 

This pose for couples can also go the other way around, with her behind the guy. It’s a picture-perfect pose to portray the couple’s bond. 

16. Snuggling Under a Blanket

It’s a popular photography pose for couples that adds comfort and coziness to the final picture. The couple can lean on each other as they snuggle under a blanket, look at each other’s eyes, and share a sweet smile. 

Here’s a point to consider: make sure the blanket matches your outfit, and it’s not too bold or vibrant colored for that cozy appeal. 

17. Locking Eyes with Each Other

Like they always say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Gazing into each other’s eyes is a great pose to capture that perfect moment when the world around you disappears. And there’s just the two of you, looking deep into each other’s eyes. 

18. Leaning in for a Kiss

An almost kiss, just like in the movies. If you feel awkward kissing in front of an audience or in public, this pose is perfect for capturing that romance. Plus, it’s awesome for showing anticipation and passionate love. Lose yourself in the moment to get the most natural shot. 

19. A Forehead Kiss or Top of the Head Kiss

For a romantic pose, a forehead or a top-of-the-head kiss never fails to capture that love and respect in a relationship. The couple can be standing or sitting down—it works both ways.

Point to consider—set the romantic mood by closing your eyes with a shy, satisfied smile on your face. 

20. Sitting on His Lap

If you’re looking for a simple but romantic couple pose that fits almost every situation, this is one of them. In this pose, the guy sits on a chair or bench in the park for something outdoorsy or the sofa for a homey feel while the girl sits on his lap. 

And to encapsulate that romantic moment even further, the girl can have her arm on his shoulder while he holds her waist. This picture shows the couple’s connection. 

21. Hand on His Chest Pose for Couples

In this pose, the girl places one of her hands on his chest while he holds her by the waist. It can be as romantic or as formal as you would like. 

If you want to go for something sweet and romantic, stare into each other’s eyes like the world around you doesn’t exist. 

But if you want to make it a romantic but a little more formal and sophisticated photograph for couples, look back at the camera. It will be a perfect pose with both standing up close to each other or the guy sitting on a chair while the girl stands. 

22. Grabbing His Clothes

This pose will portray more passion and sensuality than just placing your hands on his chest. Utilize your love for each other to capture the perfect photo. 

23. Head on Her Lap

In this pose, the girl sits with her legs straight while the guy sits his head on her lap. But the magic that portrays comfort, love, and security in this pose will be when you stare into each other’s eyes!  

And a little detail to make this pose even more romantic—the girl can run her fingers through his hair. 

24. Cuddling Together

This pose is intimate and romantic and can be shot virtually anywhere. Cuddling on a picnic mat or under a tent will look nice, or you can take the picture lying in bed for an even more intimate setting. It works both ways, too—cuddling and facing the camera or cuddling and facing each other. 

25. The ‘Dip’ Before a Kiss

Just like the movies! It’s one of the most popular photography poses for couples that screams Hollywood vibe and romance. 

A long empty road or somewhere scenic makes a perfect backdrop for this romantic pose idea. It works better with the breeze in the air to give the final photograph more flow and movement. 

26. Tippy Toes (and a Kiss)

Here’s another version of that just-like-a-movie-kiss pose for couples—the tippy-toe kiss. It’s still a go-to pose to capture the romance between you and your sweetheart; fantastic to make that height difference work. 

27. Foot Pop (and a Kiss)

Another romantic picture cliche, but it always looks adorable. So, go for that iconic embrace, a kiss, and do the foot pop you always see on the silver screen. 

28. Swept Off Her Feet

Nothing says romance than sweeping her off her feet, literally. And better yet, swing her around gently to get that windswept effect that will look awesome in the picture. 


There you have it! All the ideas and inspiration you need for the best photography poses for couples to nail your couple’s photo shoot. 

But besides nailing these poses, here’s one last tip—don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations of these poses, and remember to have fun in the process! 

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