Photography Spotlight: Joanna Moss Photography

We are so thrilled that we had so many amazing photos entered into our first photo contest at Best Photo Contests! Today, we want to give a photography spotlight to Joanna Moss Photography who was one of our 5 runner ups with her photo below called “First Look.”

Before you read more below from Joanna, make sure you enter your photo into the next photo contest that Best Photo Contests will be starting in March 2018. There will be more than 1 category this time… so stay tuned so you can enter for your very own chance to win.

joanna moss photography

Today, we want to share a Q&A from Joanna that tells a bit about her photography background, her company, photography style and more! We will also be showing off a few of the other awesome photos from Joanna Moss Photography. Enjoy!

How did you first get into photography?

“I was working as a graphic designer for a real estate company in the Cayman Islands and I started taking photos of properties, landscape and headshots. I fell in love.”

Do you only photograph weddings/engagements/couples?

“No. I also photograph families, maternity and food (yum!)”

joanna moss photography

Where is the coolest place you have ever shot a wedding/engagement?

“On top of a mountain. We were flown in by helicopter to a peak of a mountain with just beautiful mountain peaks in the horizon, it was amazing.”

What is your absolute favorite thing to photograph?

“I love photographing wedding rings; and all pretty shiny things.”

joanna moss photography

What type of style would you say fits you best?

“My style if very lifestyle modern, unposed, natural.”

What is your most favorite shoot you have ever had and why?

“I love working at Grouse Mountain because it’s very picturesque, and the people are super friendly.”

What type of camera do you use and why?

“Canon – it’s what I’m familiar and comfortable with; they make top of the line equipment.”

Are there any other fun or interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share?

“I love to travel, I was born in Poland, travelled all over Europe & North America. I would love to visit the South Pacific. I lived in the Caribbean for 3 years and can’t wait to go back!”

If you are looking for a photographer to take your bridal, wedding or engagement photos, be sure to contact Joanna with Joanna Moss Photography. Visit her website at for more information about her services. You can also visit her SnapKnot profile here.

Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a spotlight post on the other runners up from the Best Photo Contests winners so be sure not to miss them!

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