Post Wedding Checklist: 7 Things To Do After You Say ‘I Do’

We always talk about wedding planning and everything that you need to do while you are engaged and getting prepared for your wedding day but what about after you say ‘I do?’ We found this great post wedding checklist on Martha Stewart Weddings that we wanted to show you today to help you remember what all you should be doing after the wedding is over and married life has begun.

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1. Say Thank You

Thank you notes are so important. Every person that came to your wedding took the time out of their life to share in your special day (and many gave you a wedding present)! You need to send each and every person a thank you note letting them know how appreciative you are and to thank them for any specific gift they purchased for you.

2. Clean or Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress had drinks spilled on them, was drug across the dirty floor and also had you so hot and sweaty most of the day. After the wedding, you don’t want to leave your dress balled up in a bag or hanging in your closet with all of that dirt and sweat dried on it. Make sure you get your dress cleaned professional or even preserved if that is something you are interested in. Perhaps one day your daughter will want to see (or even wear!) your wedding gown for her own wedding day.

3. Change Your Name

If you plan to change your name, make sure you gather all necessary documents that you need including your marriage certificate, drivers license, social security card and passport. Depending on the state you live in, check out there specific requirements online or if there is any paperwork you can print and fill out ahead of time.

Coveted Gift with Purchase

4. Use Your Registry Discount

Most registries offer a discount to you on the items that were not purchased… so be sure to go shopping and get anything you need that was not gifted during your wedding.

5. Return Duplicate Gifts

It is pretty likely you will get at least one duplicate gift from your wedding guests. Return or exchange them for an item you still need or want, or even for something that better fits your style and other home decor.

6. Sell Or Donate Wedding Decor

Did you work tirelessly to create beautiful DIY mason jar centerpieces for every single table at your wedding reception? Whatever items you have left over from your wedding, if they can be used again, try selling them on Ebay or Etsy. You never know when another bride will fall in love with your creative ideas and prefer to purchase them instead of recreating them herself.

7. Enjoy Being Married!

You went through months and months of wedding planning which was probably stressful at times, scary at times and very tiring. Relax and enjoy being married.

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