Moshe Zusman: SnapKnot’s Interview with the Popular, Professional Wedding Photographer

Here at SnapKnot, we are always searching for fun, relevant information to bring to our wedding photography community. From information on the average cost of wedding photography, to advice on how to choose a wedding photographer, we truly hope to provide quality content that helps all of you- both brides and photographers- in your quest for great wedding photography. It is within these efforts that we tracked down Moshe Zusman, an extremely popular, professional wedding photographer, to see what kind of advice he had for us.

Moshe Zusman is a famous wedding photographer who not only has a busy shooting schedule, but also teaches lectures on business, lighting, and more. Currently residing in the Washington DC area, his work has been featured in PEOPLE magazine as well as Fox 5’s morning broadcast. We briefly had the chance to pick his brain about the industry, networking, building a business and more.

Photo of Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zuzman, by Noah Hayes Photography

SnapKnot: Tell us the story of how you first fell in love with the image making process.

Moshe: I’ve loved photography since I first found myself holding a camera. But I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I first shared a final product with a client. Seeing their reaction and their joy made it real to me, and I’m fortunate enough to get to do this every single day.

SnapKnot: One of the biggest problems that photographers face is balancing their personal life, family, and job. What are the tips that you can provide in your years of experience?

Moshe: I could use some tips! It’s not easy. I first thought I’d convince my wife to get in the business with me, but that didn’t work out too well…

In all seriousness, I sometimes try to pretend I have a 9 to 5 job, and attempt to keep my work life from my home life. But photography isn’t just my job or my career; it’s who I am, so both sides of my life blend together. Luckily, I have a very understanding wife who understands and we are always trying to make the most out of the time we spend together as a family.

Photo of a Couple Kissing by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe ZusmanPhoto of a Bride and Groom by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zusman Photo of a Lovely Wedding Party by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe ZusmanPhoto of a Couple Kissing by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zusman

SnapKnot: Not only do you shoot, but you also teach workshops. We’ve seen a lot of them broadcasted and something that you always talk about is lighting. Who or what usually inspires you to create the images that you do by adding lighting to a scene?

Moshe: Sometimes I like to shoot candids using available light, but I find that most of my most dramatic photos, and some of my personal favorites, incorporate two elements — posing and lighting. So I’m always trying to hone my skills, and am inspired by experts like Doug Gordon and other industry masters.

SnapKnot: Annie Leibovitz says that when she wants to take a photo of someone, she actually means that she wants to get to know them. How important is it for a photographer and wedding clients to get to know one another before the engagement shoot and the wedding day?

Moshe: It’s so important! If you want to create beautiful images for your clients, they have to trust you, and the only way you can build trust you is by getting to know one another.

To me, that’s the beauty of the engagement session. You get to hang and capture some fun, relaxed moments with the couple while getting to know them better.

SnapKnot: You are partnered with and sponsored by many top name brands in the photo industry ( What are some tips that you can give to photographers aspiring to be at that level?

Moshe: Take advantage of every opportunity to network.

Photo of a Beautiful Bride by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe ZusmanPhoto of a Beautiful Bride by Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zusman

SnapKnot: You are originally from Israel and now you live in Washington, D.C. Here in the States, every photographer has a list of essential shots that they need for a complete wedding. How does this life (if any) differ over there in Israel?

Moshe: Less formal, there aren’t as many of the classic shots. There is a lot less on the shot list and they are more candid. Photos are centered around the bride and groom, and the party.

SnapKnot: What about your personal projects? Tell us about them and how they keep you fresh.

Moshe: Documentary shoots for various causes that are important to me, like animal welfare, breast cancer awareness and non-profits supporting the troops. I also try to dedicate more and more time to teaching – giving back after all of the years I’ve learned and continuing to learn.

Photo of Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zuzman, by Noah Hayes PhotographyPhoto of Professional Wedding Photographer, Moshe Zuzman, by Noah Hayes Photography

The awesome photos of Moshe Zusman displayed in this post were taken by industry peer, Noah Hayes Photography.

We hope you enjoyed a tidbit or two from our interview with Moshe Zusman. To learn more about this popular and professional wedding photographer, visit his website.

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