Amber of Lifestyle Portrait: The “Wonder Woman” of Wedding Photographers

SnapKnot is delighted to introduce Amber Richardson Evers of Lifestyle Portrait to our list of Fort Worth, Texas wedding photographers. As with all of our photographers, we were eager to hear more about Amber, and would love to share with you some of what this professional wedding photographer had to say about herself.

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“This is the really exciting part where I get to talk all about myself!  Just kidding.  You do not want to know if I like long walks on the beach or how many kids I have, yada, yada, yada.  You want to know what can I do for you.

You want to know how can I make your wedding photography an amazing and fun experience.  And why not?  This is your wedding after all.  This is the one and only day in your entire life when you will spend thousands of dollars to plan and create the wedding of your dreams.

Why would you want anything less than an amazing, kick-butt photographer to make certain that all your hard work and money is recorded and preserved for your family FOREVER?”

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So here is the skinny.
Not only will I bring 10+ years of expertise to the table, like Wonder Woman, I will literally jump through hoops, tip toe through chapels where you can hear a pin drop, disappear with the stealth of a ninja, and re-appear with the grace of a swan, coordinate massive groups of semi-intoxicated strangers in 30 minutes or less, tromp through fields of cow dung for the perfect portrait, lie down on dust covered sidewalks while grazing a passing city bus, peer through bushes in the rain to capture a secret proposal, venture out on rooftops overlooking the skyline for the perfect backdrop at night.  I will do the cupid shuffle.

I will arrive an hour early and leave an hour late.  All the while carrying 50+ pounds of the best camera gear money can buy.  And I will do it all with the style and poise of Grace Kelly (my idol).

Why?  Because I am insanely in love with what I do, the work I create, and the friends I make doing it.  I am honored to be your photographer.”

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To see more photos from this professional wedding photographer, and to contact Amber directly, visit Lifestyle Portrait’s website:

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