Professional Wedding Photos: Deanna Meredith Photography

We are excited to introduce Deanna Meredith to our list of Orlando, Florida wedding photographers. Deanna has been in the industry for over 20 years, and in that time has worked with actors, models, Miss USA and Miss America contestants. You can therefore expect only top quality, professional wedding photos from this experienced artist.

“I am in love with shooting weddings and the ‘love’ of it all”

deannaDeanna’s first experience as a photographer was in middle school, when she worked for the student newspaper (mainly so she could have an excuse to leave class). She decided a bit later that she wanted to pursue photography as a career and sought out a photographer she admired and asked to work for her. Although the photographer could not afford to pay an assistant, Deanna was fine with that and suggested, rather, that her mentor repay her by writing down everything she did and how she did it.

Within 6 months clients were requesting Deanna over her mentor, and she finally left to create her own studio! In her early career, Deanna didn’t want to shoot weddings, because “only old guys did that”. Luckily, things have changed since then and she loves photographing these beautiful events!


To see more professional wedding photos from this experienced artist, visit Deanna Meredith Photography.

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