Quantum dot tech will improve photography on the go

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Cell phone photography seems to be an increasingly popular style of photography, both for amateurs and professional photographers. Check out iPhone Photography and this iPhone Photo a Day project by Sarah Postma, a NY & NJ-based wedding photographer, for an idea of what can be achieved with a mere cell phone.

Once-crude, poor quality cell phone photos can now be decent. But there is technology on the horizon that will improve mobile photography by several fold, rather than the incremental increases over the past few years.

Colloidal quantum dots irradiated with a UV li...
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This article over at Times Newsline talks about quantum dot technology, which has been rarely used in commercial applications. InVisage Technologies is trying to create a new film for cell phone cameras using quantum dots, which are tiny semiconductor particles (about a nanometer in size) which will coat the image sensor in a cell phone camera.

The technology, reported to be about 18 months away from development, will quadruple existing technology and allow mobile cameras to work better in low-light conditions. Your current 3-megapixel iPhone camera would effectively become a 12-megapixel monster.

If you would like to read about this technology in more detail, The Economist recently published an excellent article on quantum dots in their Technology Quarterly.

Are you excited about the potential of quantum dot technology?

Do you currently use your iPhone or other mobile device for cellular photography?

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