Part photojournalism. Part posed beauty. All fun: Rachel Wattson Photography

Rachel Wattson Photography is one of the newest members to SnapKnot’s list of San Diego, California photographers! Rachel enjoys sharing her love of photography as a creative outlet.  Find out more about this fun wedding photographer!

I am a San Diego native, a firefighter’s wife, and a mother to three beautiful boys.  I am a bit of a health fanatic.  I teach water aerobics, personal train others, and squeeze in gym time for myself.  Anywhere with water is my home and I have been accused of being part fish.  I enjoy DIY projects of every kind and the precious moments life provides.

Wedding Style and Inspiration

I have been a professional photographer for five years this October.

“My photography is artistic.  Part photojournalism (telling the story). Part posed beauty. And all fun.”

My personal inspiration is my mom.  When I was in high school she went back to college and got her bachelor’s degree to be a teacher.  She is currently working on two more bachelor’s degrees so she can become a speech pathologist.  She taught me to never stop learning.  She taught me that if I really love it, I should do it!

Ansel Adams was my first professional inspiration.  His images testify of natural beauty just waiting to be captured.  I try to keep true to that when I photograph anything.  I enhance but I do not create something that wasn’t there to begin with.  Images should be real, always.

Wedding Stories

Oh boy, wedding stories?!  Where do I start?  The best one:  I had a couple that got married on the rainiest day of the year.  We did the best we could, used some umbrellas and made do.  Mom was so set on having a picture of the couple in front of the San Diego Temple that she paid to have the kids come back another day and take more pictures.  Did I mention they were from Utah?  A twelve hour trip to get that one perfect shot.  It was pretty awesome. I shoot with Canon, Canon, and Canon.

To take “good pictures” is not the same as being a good wedding photographer.  I know a fabulous landscape photographer that is the shyest person in the world!  A good wedding photographer is a personable person.  One who will greet anyone with a smile and a firm handshake.  They are confident enough to direct people when needed. They know what is going on and are willing to cooperate with everyone involved… including the bride and groom.  A good wedding photographer gets a feel for the couple.  A good photographer knows when enough is enough.  No bride needs to look through 2,000 pictures of one day.  Note to aspiring photographers: don’t ask a bride to look through the haystack to find the needle.  That is your job.

Advice for the Couple

Advice to a couple just starting their search: Find a photographer you gel with!  Remember, this is one of the few “outsiders” that will be with you for the whole day.  If you like them personally your day will be that much better and the pictures will reflect it.

Brides: be good to yourself before your wedding day.  Drink lots of water to keep your skin clear and get rest before the big day.  If the rest isn’t doable cold wet green tea bags on the eyes for ten minutes works wonders :)

Grooms: support your wife to be.  As the day gets closer she might get a bit stressed and maybe a little cranky.  At those times hold her close, let her vent and breathe together.  Sending her out for a pedi or a massage wouldn’t be bad either.


Book a free wedding consultation and receive a “bride go bag”.  Filled with necessities like a hand mirror, lip gloss, tissues, ibuprofen, mints, a bottle of water, a couple granola bars and other things you will need on your busy day.

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